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Changes To Swagbucks Rewards- Which Gift Card Will You Choose

You may have noticed some changes to the Swagbucks Rewards  store recently.

Previously, a £10 Amazon Giftcard has worked out the best option to cash out to on Swagbucks in order to get the most for your money. Recently though the cost of cashing out has risen to 1440SB.

Was Amazon your favourite option and not sure what to choose now? There are some great sales on various gift cards at the moment and there is still a way to use them on Amazon.

** Please note that the values mentioned in this post are correct at the time of writing. As we know, Swagbucks are constantly changing things, so make sure to double check how many SB are required when you go to cash out **



At the moment there Is a 24% off sale when you cash out for Master Card. For just 1300SB you can get a £10 MasterCard, which will save you 140SB in comparison to getting a £10 Amazon Gift Card.

What’s even better is you are not restricted to only using it on Amazon.

Have a Paypal account? You can add a MasterCard to your Paypal account, read how to do that here.

You can use it as a method of payment for online purchases to the value of, or less than the value of the MasterCard,  use the card details on the card to pay for make a payment online, just like you would with a normal debit card.

Still want Amazon, you can use your MasterCard to pay for Amazon purchases. Have a read here to find out how.


Don’t like being restricted by Amazon, but find MasterCard too confusing, then Zeek may be the perfect option for you. Zeek is a new option for Swagbucks, and  allows you the opportunity to purchase a GiftCard for many more companies.

With a 23% off sale at the moment, you can get a £10 Zeek Gift Card for just 1300SB, and then purchase a different giftcard through the Zeek Shop for a retailer of your choice from over 100 retailers. Read more about Zeek, the Zeek app and how to set up your account in our blog post here.


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