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Redeem Swagbucks for Zeek gift cards for a whole lot more choice!

Swagbucks recently introduced Zeek gift cards as an option on their redeem page, and I’ll be honest, I was delighted!

Not only are these cards better value for your (swag) buck, but they can be turned into a massive array of cards that just aren’t available on any of the other GPT sites!

Read on to find out more!

What is Zeek?

Zeek has 2 parts, so it’s important to not get them confused. Zeek Marketplace is an app where you can buy / sell gift cards (and if you sign up via our link you’ll get a £5 credit in your account). So if Granny sent you another M&S giftcard you’re not going to use, you can sell it on Zeek Marketplace and buy something you will use. Gift cards sell for less than their value, so it can be a good place to pick up cut price cards too.

However, Zeek Shop is completely different, and it is for here that we earn giftcards from Swagbucks.

Zeek Shop has an array of giftcards available to buy at face value, using either credit from places such as Swagbucks, or by adding money to your account via a credit or debit card.

They also do Primark, Pizza Express, Chimichangas and loads more – note that not all cards are available at all times, so it’s worth hanging around for the ones that you want.

How do I put my Zeek card from Swagbucks into Zeek shop?

In the first instance, once your Zeek card is in your Gift Cards section, you should receive an email. If you haven’t, just go to that section and click on ‘resend email’.

Within the email, click on ‘view my gift card code’:

Put in your password and you should then get your Zeek card code (mine is blacked out for obvious reasons).

Copy the code. That’s step 1 complete!

What’s next?

In order to redeem your code, you need to go to the Zeek Shop. If you don’t have an account you will be prompted to create one. You don’t have to use the same credentials as Zeek Marketplace, but it may be easier to do so from a memory point of view.

The front page of the Zeek Shop should present you with the option to add a gift code – add yours in here:

Once you click on ‘Redeem’, if this is your first time adding to your account, Zeek will want to send you a code via SMS – give them your mobile number (without the leading 0) and wait for your code – it should only take a few seconds:

Inserting the code will validate your account, and your balance will be updated:

If you have more than one card to add, continue adding until you have added them all, and your balance should update accordingly (this is on my laptop, on a mobile you would need to use the top right menu to see your balance):

How do I spend my Zeek credit?

Click on ‘Buy Gift Cards’:

Browse through the gift cards until you find one that you want:

Once you click on a voucher you will be presented with a list of denominations in which you can buy – simply choose the one you want and add it to your basket, go to checkout to purchase and the balance will be taken from your account.

Your order will appear in your Zeek wallet:

Click on ‘Go to Wallet’ and you should see your giftcard:

How do I redeem the card I have bought?

That depends upon which card you bought. For the on I have purchased, Primark, I have to print out the voucher to use in store. You will need to read the ‘how to redeem’ link to find out how to redeem yours.

The great thing about this is that you can purchase vouchers such as M&S, Argos, new Look and more, at a lower cost than it would cost to get them from Swagbucks direct.

In addition, there is currently a Holiday Bonus on all Zeek cards cashed out from Swagbucks which nets you an extra £5!:

So, to my mind, the best way to cash out on Swagbucks at the moment, if you don’t want Amazon or Paypal, is most definitely Zeek.

Will you be cashing out to Zeek in future on Swagbucks? Come and let us know in the Facebook group!

Not on Swagbucks? Cashouts to Zeek is just another reason that you should be!


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