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4 Survey Sites 10 Easy Discover Offers- May 2018

Discover offers are available on most survey sites, through the recommended offer walls. They can be a nice easy way of getting yourself some extra points when you are struggling, or there are no surveys around. The same offers tend to be available across all of the survey sites, but they can vary in the amount of points you receive for completing the offer. Most of these offers are new user one time only offers, so it is worth looking […]

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10 Easy Discover Offers on Swagbucks – February 2018

Guest Post by Jennifer McAllister I often struggle with finding discovers that are quick and easy to complete.  Though I don’t do discovers every day, sometimes I just want those extra SB to help hit my goal so I don’t have to worry about it. Therefore, I trawled through Swagbucks to find some easy discover offers for you to try.  None of these offers require a credit/debit card so there’s no risk involved in trying them.  Let us know which […]

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Featured Swagbucks Discover – Amazon Prime trial 130sb

Over on Swagbucks, another easy Discover that costs you nothing and needs no credit card details – Amazon Prime 30 Day Trial. Perfect for November if you’re buying Christmas presents from Amazon! Prime membership gives you free next day shipping on a whole load of items, and I wouldn’t be without it. Simply sign up, make a note in your diary or calendar to cancel before the 30 days are up – should credit 130sb instantly. It’s in Most Recent Offers […]

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Swagbucks Featured Discover – 115/230SB –

Over on Swagbucks, another easy Discover that costs you nothing and needs no credit card details – All you have to do is request a quote. You’re looking for this (note it says 115sb, but see later on for my pending): Once you click on it you’ll be redirected to the page: Simply enter a car registration number to begin. Go through the quote process, ending with opening a account. You should then have a confirmation page: […]

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Will you be a graveyard smash with Swagbucks’ new Monster Mash Team Challenge?

The Monster Mash Team Challenge begins Monday, October 15th at 4PM BST and ends on Friday, October 19th at 8PM BST. What’s a team challenge? Well, Swagbucks Monthly Team challenges allow you to play on a team with other Swaggernauts (Swagbucks Members) where you contribute points to your team by earning SB! Join the Monster Mash Team Challenge now! Each Challenge can have different ways to contribute points. The Monster Mash Team Challenge allows you to contribute points to your team by:   Answer Complete a survey and […]

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So you didn’t get your Swagbucks UK / Money Saving Expert Double SB – now what?

**Please note, this is a little rough and ready as I wanted to get it up ASAP – it’s also the route *I’M* going to take and *MY* views, not necessarily those of GPT Genies – you may or may not want to do the same.** So, perhaps unsurprisingly, many of you (me included) have not received the Swagbucks / MSE double SB bonus from the promotion they ran in April 2018. Here’s the route I’m going to take – […]

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World Gin Day! Will you get a refreshing search win from our post?

Gin is my favourite spirit, so you bet I am excited today is World Gin Day, and I will definitely be having one tonight to celebrate. Pour yourself a drink, relax and check out our search links below and see if you can get a Swagbucks search win. Not on Swagbucks? Click the image below to sign up. There are few things more English than a refreshing gin and tonic. Most of the most famous gins you see around the […]

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Earn £40 A Month With Very Little Effort From Swagbucks

Wondering if there is any money really to be made with Survey Sites? Well with Swagbucks there is. The more time you have to put into the site the more money you will earn from it, and I make around £100 a month from this site alone. Don’t have the time, or struggling to make a start? Read on to see how you can earn £40 a month with very little effort on Swagbucks. The table above details what you need […]

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Swagbucks UK – Double SB on AdGate Media!

AdGate Media discover wall on Swagbucks is offering double points today and over the weekend. There are some decent offers on there so it’s well worth checking out Simply go to Discover –> AdGate Media. It’s better to do this on the Desktop version of the site, not through the app or mobile version. Click here to find out how to request the desktop version of a webpage on your mobile. If you’re a fan of games, they have a […]

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