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Prolific minitip – What can I do if my survey is rejected?

Prolific – a few comments recently that studies have been rejected – here’s what Prolific say on the subject: A researcher may reject your work if they believe that some answers you gave are wrong, the study was not completed correctly or that the instructions were not followed. If you believe that your submission was rejected in error, you may decide to contact the researcher directly. You can easily do this via our messaging system. Under “Manage Studies”, just click […]

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Prolific minitip – your Prolific score

Some people on our Facebook group  have mentioned their Prolific score – here’s what Prolific say in their FAQs: The Prolific Score is a a score that’s based on the quality of your submissions. The better and more accurate your submissions are the higher your Prolific Score will be and the more studies you’ll receive! Everybody starts off with a clean score of 100/100. However, if there’s an issue with your submission and it gets rejected, then your Prolific Score […]

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When will I receive my cashout?

You’ve completed the surveys, watched the videos, subscribed to the offers and the time is finally here to cash out – you’ve made money and you’re excited to receive it! But when will you receive your hard earned Paypal payment / gift voucher? Many thanks to our Facebook group member Jade for putting together this list of cashout times for the most popular sites and apps. (We’ll be updating this as we go along so new ones could be added at […]

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How I make £300 a month from survey sites and apps with minimal effort

This post was written in July 2017 – my routine has changed a little since then, look out for an updated post soon! Over in our Facebook group people have been asking how I can possibly earn so much from apps when I claim I spend so little time on them (implying something? 😉 ) so this post is to explain and hopefully help a few people out. It’s a very quick and dirty post so there are no screengrabs […]

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Prolific checklist – have you done all of this?

If you’re signed up to Prolific and a member of our Facebook group then the chances are you’ve asked in there why you’re getting no surveys 🙂 Here’s a quick and easy checklist to go through to make sure you have the best chance of getting / seeing surveys on Prolific and making some easy money. 1) Make sure you’re signed up as a Participant, not a Researcher 2) THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! Make sure you have completed your prescreening questions […]

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Prolific – Interesting surveys and an easy moneymaker

One of my newer addictions in the world of survey sites and apps is Prolific and if you’re not a member you really should be! The surveys (or studies as they call them) are really interesting and nothing like the usual ones we see on Swagbucks, Mintvine etc, the payments come in quick and fast and the minimum cashout is £5 to either Paypal or Circle. I did my first study on 8th March 2017 and today is 2nd May […]

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