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Quidco Snow Me The Money game – how to play

This is a guest post by Naina Clayton, a member of our UK Swagbucks & More Facebook Group – pop into the group to say thank you and please consider using her referral link below. Here’s how to play the new Quidco game. Competition runs until 23 November 2017 First of all if you are not registered for Quidco, you need to sign up. Then you need to use a browser, doesn’t matter if on phone or pc, you must […]

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How much will I get when I cash out?

When you first start earning on GPT (Get Paid To, i.e. survey) sites, it can be confusing.  On some sites you accumulate points, other sites you’ll earn directly in GBP. I’ve listed some of the most popular sites used in our Facebook group with details of how you earn on them, how much your earnings are worth in £’s, and what the minimum cashout amount is. Please follow and like us:

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