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Swagbucks – paying Mastercard into Paypal to make more of your Swagbucks

*** STOP PRESS! After feedback from members of our Facebook group (thanks Kelly!) it seems that there are no longer any fees to pay Mastercard into Paypal if you add the Mastercard as a payment card on one Paypal account and then pay using it into your main Paypal account. So you need 2 Paypal accounts with different email addresses*** If you’re a Swagbucks member, you’ll know that at the time of writing it costs 800 swagbucks to get a […]

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How to reach your second goal on Swagbucks with very little effort and minimal risk

If you’re a Swagbucks user, you’re probably familiar with the ‘Daily Goal’ aspect of the site. This is shown at the top of your screen when you’re on the desktop version of the site, and has a ‘first’ daily goal and a ‘second’ daily goal. The first is usually fairly low – if you’re new it could be as low as 40 or 50 swagbucks – and the second a higher target. The more you do on Swagbucks, the higher […]

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Making money from Swagbucks – video apps

If you’re a Swagbucks addict like me, you’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way (although I’m still learning all the time) to maximise your chances of earning Swagbucks. One of the easiest that guarantees 60/70 sb per day is the video apps. I run a group on Facebook where members help each other out on various survey sites and receipt / cashback apps, and one of the questions we’re asked the most is how we make 60/70 […]

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