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Swagbucks MSE Offer – I didn’t get my double swagbucks – what can I do?

Early in July 2017, Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert website offered a Swagbucks offer for new and current members alike. The premise was that on certain ‘transactions’ on the website for a week, members would receive Double SB, credited to their account on 20th August 2017. The offer was here but is now expired, obviously. No doubt this brought in a whole slew of new members, good for Swagbucks and good for MSE, who would be making money from this […]

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!!Mintvine alert!!

*** Please be aware that this post is related to Mintvine, which is now known as Branded Surveys, and as such the information contained in this post may be out of date and not relevant ***  Up until yesterday PM, cashing out on Mintvine, it was 1000 points for £7.49 on Paypal or £13.10 on Amazon – we’ve said for a while they got the exchange rate the wrong way around. It seems that they have realised this and now […]

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Mintvine minitip – I can’t verify my mobile number!

*** Please be aware that this post is related to Mintvine, which is now known as Branded Surveys, and as such the information contained in this post may be out of date and not relevant ***    In order to get your first cashout from Mintvine, you need to verify your phone number, but it seems that many of the members of our Facebook group dedicated to Swagbucks, Mintvine and other survey sites and apps are running into issues when […]

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Running videos – is it worth the cost of the electricity?

This is a guest post by Jodie Webb, a member of our Facebook Group dedicated to Swagbucks, Mintvine, Prolific & more – come and join us and thank her! Worried about how much electricity you’re using, running videos on your phone, tablet or laptop at all hours of the day and night? It may not be costing you as much as you think! Whether you’re using Swagbucks, MintVine, GrabPoints, Perk TV, InstaGC, PrizeRebel, Earnably, EarnHoney or all of them and […]

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How can I get notifications when there is a UK Swag Code?

There are several different ways in which you can get notifications for swag codes. Unfortunately, the notifications that you can receive from the Swagbucks app are for the US codes, not for the UK codes.  Therefore, you will have to get your notifications a different way. This post will go through a few different ways you can get alerts for swag codes. Although the post focuses on how to get UK codes, much of the information is relevant for users worldwide.

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What’s the word on the “Street ……Bees?”

A beginners guide to buzzing, by Rachel Eastop, a member of our Facebook Group dedicated to sites and apps that help you to make money online. I’m a bit fond of survey app Streetbees. I like the app (android or IOS). It’s user friendly and it’s pretty. I’ve been off sick from work for a while following a head whack (another story) so I decided to investigate the wonderful world of online surveys to see if it is possible to […]

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I can’t log in to Prolific – what should I do? (minitip)

Recently, Prolific updated / upgraded the front page of their website and it seems that since that has happened, a number of people are having problems logging in, especially on their smartphones. Having read a number of these posts in our Facebook Group, here are a couple of things to try: Go into your email and find an email from Prolific – click through to the site from there and then click ‘Account’ – this should take you to your […]

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Swagbucks: A Detailed Guide

So, you’ve signed up for Swagbucks.  What do you do now?

Earn your first Swagbucks (SB) by completing everything listed in the first section, Registration, of the Newbies guide to Swagbucks.

Once you’ve done that, there’s loads more that you can try.  The guide will give you the bare bones.  If you want all the nitty gritty details, however, read on.

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