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Facebook minitip – getting notifications of posts in groups

It seems that some people are missing out on notifications from the Facebook group – in order to be alerted every time a new post is put in the group, the best thing to do is edit your notification settings. On the Facebook website, this is under ‘notifications’ at the top – simply tick ‘all posts’. On the Facebook app you need to click where it says ‘joined’, then ‘edit notifications’ and tick ‘all posts’. This will ensure you get […]

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Etiquette for getting referrals from Facebook groups

Just a quick reminder people, I know we all want to get referrals and one of the ways we do it is by posting in Facebook groups. However please be aware of he following if you do this: 1) Make sure that the group allows referral links – if you’re not sure, ask an admin 2) Do not just ‘drive by’ spam your link in the group – if you’re going to get points from a referral make sure you’re […]

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When will I receive my cashout?

You’ve completed the surveys, watched the videos, subscribed to the offers and the time is finally here to cash out – you’ve made money and you’re excited to receive it! But when will you receive your hard earned Paypal payment / gift voucher? Many thanks to our Facebook group member Jade for putting together this list of cashout times for the most popular sites and apps. (We’ll be updating this as we go along so new ones could be added at […]

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Swagbucks – completing the first daily goal in the minimum amount of time

I keep getting people asking in our Facebook group how I reach the Swagbucks daily goal so quickly. A few things before I tell you what I do: this is only about reaching first target so you get the streak bonus at the end of the month. Second targets are different for each person and I don’t always reach mine. Hell, sometimes I don’t even reach the first because I don’t even have time to do what I’m about to […]

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