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It’s Summer time! Get up to 300 bonus SB with the new Swagbucks Beach Bash Swago!

It’s officially summer, sun is forecast all week long, and we have a new Swago… Pull out your paddling pool, uncoil the hose, fill up the pool, add some rubber ducks, pretend you’re at the beach, and let’s get earning! You could earn up to 300 SB in the new Swagbucks “Swago” promotion, the Beach Bash edition, starting Monday, 25th June, at 5 PM BST (9AM PT). Swago is just like bingo, but in this case you’re filling out squares […]

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Summer Solstice Facts- Will You Find The First Day Of Summer 5SB Collectors Bill

  The longest day of the year is upon us, which also means it is officially the start of summer.  You might feel a spiritual connection to the power of the sun or are simply relieved that summer has finally arrived. Have a read of our Summer Solstice Facts and hopefully getting a search win will give you another reason to celebrate. Today, June 21st 2018, you might even be lucky enough to get a First Day Of Summer Collector’s […]

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Facebook Quick Tip – Use Topic Tags to find relevant posts in a group

Facebook recently introduced a very welcome and helpful feature to groups, Topic Tags. Tags can be added any post in a group so they can be easily categorised and found. Read on to see how you can make use of topic tags to find useful posts in our group. Laptop/Desktop On a laptop/desktop, or tablet if using the website, you will find the tag list on the right hand side of the group.  You can click on a tag to […]

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Earn £40 A Month With Very Little Effort From Swagbucks

Wondering if there is any money really to be made with Survey Sites? Well with Swagbucks there is. The more time you have to put into the site the more money you will earn from it, and I make around £100 a month from this site alone. Don’t have the time, or struggling to make a start? Read on to see how you can earn £40 a month with very little effort on Swagbucks. The table above details what you need […]

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92SB up for grabs with the Swagbucks Father’s Day Collector’s Bills Challenge

  It’s Father’s Day on the 17th of June, and Swagbucks are celebrating by giving us a whole new set of Collector’s Bills. Will you be able to find all 6 Swag BBQ Collector’s Bills and earn a 20 SB Bonus? Make sure to let us know in the UK Swagbucks & More Facebook group when you find one! Also make sure to keep a look out in the group as when someone announces that they have found one you know that is a […]

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See how I made £338.41 from GPT sites in May 2018!

  So, can you make money from survey and GPT sites? Each month I’ll show you what I made the previous month, explain a little about the sites and apps I used, and keep a running total for the year. Here’s the total so far: January 2018 – £327.88 February 2018 – £203.73 March 2018 – £390.14 So, April / May 2018 It’s been a mad couple of months with a lot of work and family stuff going on – so much so that […]

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Reached 500 points on InstaGC- What’s New

So you have finally managed to smash through the 500 point barrier on InstaGC, now things are going to get a whole lot easier. As you might have been aware, several areas of the site are locked, until you have reached 500 points. Now you have accomplished that, you will see things look slightly different, and there are extra earning opportunities available.   Surveys: One of the easiest ways to earn on InstaGC is with surveys, and there is an […]

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We got 1000 likes! You get a treasure hunt!

A short time ago we reached 1000 likes on our Facebook page and we (your admins) decided it would be fun to do something to celebrate! In the time honoured tradition of our Facebook Group, we have cooked up a fun treasure hunt for you which will be running throughout today, Wednesday 30th May.   We will be hiding some very special Amazon vouchers in our blog posts at different points throughout the day.  If you’re the first person to find […]

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It’s Barbecue time! 300 SB could be yours with new Swagbucks’ Swago!

Summertime, and we have a new Swago… Fire up the barbie, dig out the sausages, clear Iceland of frozen burgers and let’s get earning! You could earn up to 300 SB in the new Swagbucks “Swago” promotion, the Barbecue edition, starting Monday, 28th May, at 5 PM BST (9AM PT). Swago is just like bingo, but in this case you’re filling out squares as you earn points on their site for doing things you already do online.  For each completed […]

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Your Newbie Guide to GPT Site Earnably

When you first join any new GPT site, it can all be a little daunting. If you’ve gotten used to the layout and familiar routine of one site, another one could be totally different and knock you for 6. It might even put you off using the site altogether, but that’s where we, your GPT Genies come in with yet another newbies guide – in this case it’s for relative newcomer Earnably!   We’re going to presume you’ve already signed […]

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