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How @BrandedSurveys just single handedly destroyed their GPT program

Remember the good old days when Branded Surveys was called Mintvine, people loved it and all was good with the world? I do, with a sense of fondness, tinged with sadness. Remember when Mintvine were taken over by Branded Surveys and things looked a little less sunny? I do, with a sense of sadness, tinged with foreboding. Remember when they took away a lot of member perks, including the poll streak, the referral scheme and the bonus DQ points? I […]

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When does the new day start on…

We’re coming up to that time of the year, the clocks are going back and giving us all one extra hour of sleep.  YAY! But, did you know, the clocks in America don’t change on the same days as ours do in the UK.  This means that for a few days the normal timings on our favourite sites won’t be as usual! Read on to see the changes you need to remember. Please follow and like us:

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Changes are afoot at #BrandedSurveys!

It doesn’t seem that long ago since Branded Surveys was known as Mintvine, and one of our favourite GPT survey sites. Then things changed, and members of our Facebook group weren’t all that happy and deserted in droves. We’d love to bring you some good news, but it seems that changes are afoot once again. Members of Branded surveys logging on over the last couple of days will have seen on or two messages to alert them to these changes: […]

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Ten things you (probably) didn’t know about Branded Surveys ** Updated

** Update – Some things have changed on Branded Surveys, so while a lot of the below still stands (so please read it), the following has changed: You no longer get more points for the Daily Poll if you are Silver or Gold Elite, there is no longer a Daily Poll streak and there is no longer a 10% lifetime referral earnings bonus – read more about this here. ** Branded Surveys (formerly known as Mintvine) takes a bit of […]

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Learn how to use Branded Surveys

** Update – Please note that while the majority of this guide is still relevant, some things have changed with regards to referral earnings and the Daily Poll – read this blog post to find out what’s changed ** Learn how to use Branded Surveys Branded Surveys (formerly known as MintVine) is a Get Paid To Site where you can earn points to redeem for Paypal or Gift Cards by completing surveys or offers. As Branded Surveys recently overhauled their […]

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Not earning from Try this!

We all like earning passively and, for some of us, and have been starting to get back to their pre-January potential.  However, they still aren’t giving ads to many others. EngageMe (and LootUp) can be used to earn on a variety of sites.  The most popular ones used in our group are Swagbucks, InstaGC, PrizeRebel, Grabpoints, Earnably, and Branded Surveys. Here are some things to try when you’re not getting any ads, and therefore not getting any credits. Please […]

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