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Newbie’s Guide to PrizeRebel

A site we haven’t spoken about much yet is PrizeRebel.  Like many other GPT sites, you can earn money by completing surveys, offers, tasks, and watching videos. However, as with all sites, it has a different layout, different rules, the bonuses work differently, etc., and for some this can be very confusing.  It might even put you off using the site altogether, but that’s where we, your GPT Genies come in with yet another newbies guide. 1 – Things you should […]

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Earn £40 A Month With Very Little Effort From Swagbucks

Wondering if there is any money really to be made with Survey Sites? Well with Swagbucks there is. The more time you have to put into the site the more money you will earn from it, and I make around £100 a month from this site alone. Don’t have the time, or struggling to make a start? Read on to see how you can earn £40 a month with very little effort on Swagbucks. The table above details what you need […]

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More Easy Ways to Earn on InstaGC

instaGC is one of my favourite GPT sites.  The site is simple to navigate and easy to use.  There are many different tasks that you can complete to earn points, including several passive ways (my favourites). A few months ago, I wrote a post where listed some of the easiest ways to build up your points.  In this post, I’ll be going through some other easy ways to earn. Please follow and like us:

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