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Prolific – Interesting surveys and an easy moneymaker

One of my newer addictions in the world of survey sites and apps is Prolific and if you’re not a member you really should be! The surveys (or studies as they call them) are really interesting and nothing like the usual ones we see on Swagbucks, Mintvine etc, the payments come in quick and fast and the minimum cashout is £5 to either Paypal or Circle.

I did my first study on 8th March 2017 and today is 2nd May 2017 and so far I’ve made £77.38 with very little effort:

The problem is (or the problem as I see it from comments in our Facebook group) that it’s not very intuitive and so people are giving up on it without giving it a chance.

So here’s a quick and dirty guide to getting going and making some half decent money in a very decent time.

1) Sign up

Firstly, visit the Prolific website and create an account. IMPORTANT – sign up as a Participant, NOT a Researcher or the rest of what I say here won’t make much sense 🙂
I’m not going to walk you through signing up and verifying your account as the site does that for you, but if you have any problems, feel free to pop along to our Facebook Group and ask – there’s always someone around to help.

2) Complete the prescreening questions

This is the part that most people are missing out on and it’s not obvious. In order to be offered studies, you need to have answered some prescreening questions.
On a laptop / PC you’ll find the prescreening questions under the Account link
Once you click on that you’ll find a whole host of questions to answer – the more you answer, the more likely you are to be given studies to do so it’s worth the time it takes – probably about 15 minutes.
On a phone it’s under ‘Menu’ (3 lines top right)
Once you’ve done this, be sure to check back on that screen every few days to see if you have any new ones to answer – as new studies are added, the criteria may be different to the questions you’ve already answered, so it’s best to always be up to date on these.

3) Check for studies

Now you need to check out the Studies page to see if you’re eligible for any. The great thing about Prolific is that you are only offered studies you qualify for so a disqualification is very very rare (it DOES happen occasionally but I’ve only had it once in 2 months).
At first you’re probably going to see this:
Don’t give up! Studies come in regularly – if it’s the first time you see the screen it might be worth doing the demo study just for some practice.
It’ll show you what a study looks like when it comes in:
Click on Start now and see how the study process works, it’ll give you practice for later.

4) Keep checking for Studies

A lot of people are expecting that like other survey sites, Prolific will send you an email when a study is available – they won’t. It’s up to you to keep checking. I have the study page open in a tab on my laptop browser and I periodically refresh it to see if anything is available. On your phone you might have to keep visiting the page.

Here’s what a real study looks like:


You could see anything from 1 survey a day to 7 or more (my max is 7 in a day). The survey offer will tell you how much it is worth, what that works out at as an hourly rate, how long you have to do it and how long the average person takes to do it. You choose whether you do it or not.
It’s a great little earner, pays out really quickly and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

In summary

– Interesting surveys
– Good rates of pay
– Easy Paypal or Circle checkout (Paypal does incur fees, Circle doesn’t)
– Remember to complete prescreening
– Remember to check regularly
– Have fun 🙂
Questions? Come and join our Facebook Group where we talk about Prolific, Swagbucks, Mintvine and many other apps and sites to make money online.

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