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Prolific Academic – Help uni students & professors with their research.

Prolific Academic is one of my favourite “beer money” websites.  It’s my highest earner per time spent, and the studies (Prolific‘s name for surveys) are usually quite short & interesting.

Another great feature of Prolific is that you only get offered studies that you are eligible to take so you don’t spend any time just to get disqualified, like on other sites.

So, what is Prolific?

Prolific Academic is an Oxford University incubator project.  It was set up for University students who need to complete research for their studies, and where better to go for that information than the internet.  It’s a crowd sourcing website for academics.

As it’s only for academic studies, they are generally very varied in nature and cover a wide range of topics.  I find that the Studies on Prolific are sometimes far more interesting than surveys elsewhere due to this.

The surveys or studies as they are called vary from researcher to researcher and it is very rare you will find two the same. Some studies will last a couple of minutes and others require you to be invited back over a few days or months.

I’ve been paid as little as 30p or over £5 for a single study. The reward for the studies is usually commensurate with the amount of time it’s expected to take.  The reward usually works out to £5-6 an hour. However, studies don’t always take as long as they say they will & sometimes the payout will be higher.

Most of the studies do take concentration, they are not like your usual surveys where you can just breeze through, often there will be quality checks to ensure you are actually reading the text. If you do not concentrate, answer incorrectly or rush through then you may see your survey rejected.

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Is Prolific legit?

I can vouch for Prolific Academic as I have personally withdrawn over £500 into my Circle account (one of the cash out options). There is a minimum threshold of £5 before you can cash out and if you wait until you hit £20 you avoid fees.

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