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Swagbucks Swago minitip – ticking off those boxes

If you’re having trouble ticking off Swago boxes, here are a few tips:

– if it’s the ‘attempt a survey’ box, remember you have to be actually disqualified from a GOLD (not peanut labs) survey – not just told it’s not suitable for you. You need to have started the survey, answered a few questions and then disqualified. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think a ‘we’ve hit max capacity’ counts

– If it’s the ‘get a referral’ box, search the group for ‘referrals’ – there are a few threads that will help you, including one I posted that gives a list of searches to do to find Facebook groups you can post on and an example ad

– If it’s the ‘earn money from your referral’ – it doesn’t have to be the new referral you get for the above square, it can be any referral – they have to earn 10sb for you to get 1 from them. There is sometimes a delay between them earning and you seeing your 10% and ticking off that box so if you’ve referred someone you know has done 10sb, be patient ūüôā

– If it’s the ‘gold survey on a mobile’ box, be aware it’s a GOLD survey you need, not a peanut labs one and you have to complete it and get your SB. I struggled with this one myself but it ticked off eventually

– If it’s the Discover box, read the thread we have for discovers – start from the bottom upwards as they are the most recent. Be aware not all credit instantly (the toro wall ones at the bottom can take up to ten minutes). Make sure you’ve followed the instructions properly too.

– If it’s the swagbutton ¬†one – you need to d/l the swagbutton on a browser, here

If it’s a different one, post in the group and we’ll try to help!


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