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Applike – Make money while you sleep!

This is a guest post from Daniel Smith, who is one of our Facebook group members – to get an invitation to Applike and benefit from what he earns, you can contact him via Facebook or email him at

Applike is an incentive programme to entice users to play smartphone games (Android only at present, sorry iPhone users!) by giving you points for installing and playing. In the app, you are presented with a range of games, such as below.
You open the app, then you select which game to install and play, and then you are rewarded for playing. The longer you play, the more you earn.
Some games/apps reward you more than others – basically you want the ones with 4 stars (A LOT OF MCOINS). 3 stars are good (PLENTY OF MCOINS), but those 2 stars and below are barely worth the effort. The games/apps on offer are updated quite regularly so there should be plenty of good ones to choose from at any given time.
After a certain length of time playing a game though, it becomes futile to continue doing so. Take a look at the picture below.
You can see that in 5 minutes and 5 seconds time I’ll earn 418 mCoins (the AppLike currency) playing Final Fantasy . During the initial installing and playing games, these rewards will be quite frequent. However, take notice of Kings of Avalon – my next reward of just 168 mCoins will come in almost 6 hours of gameplay! It’s a personal choice of when to stop playing a game, but a general rule of thumb is that once a game passes around 2 hours per reward you should move on to the next one. You can simply uninstall the old game if you wish to avoid clutter on your phone.
You don’t need to be a avid games player to make this work for you however. With a couple of minutes of set-up, you can simply leave this running and it earns you a handy passive income! Simply follow these steps:

·         Turn off sleep: All phones “go to sleep” if left idle for any length of time. Given that we’ll be leaving the phone running the game (and some phones will take this as being idle) while we’re off doing other things, we need to turn off the sleep function as this will pause your earnings.

There are two ways of doing this.

   In your phone, go to Settings > Display > Screen Timeout. Some phones will have this under Settings > Lock Screen > Sleep. Here you will be presented with a range of time options. The one you want is Keep Screen Turned On or Never Go To Sleep or similar. Some phones do not have the Never option though, so you’ll have to do the second option (NB When you are finished using the app, it’s best to turn the sleep function back on, as the screen is probably the main drain on battery power in smartphones)

   Turn on Stay Awake. This will set your phone to keep its screen on when you are charging it. First you have to turn on Developer Options. You can find out how to do this at Don’t be too put off by this, it’s a relatively simple process and doesn’t affect your phone in any way – it just gives you access to a whole range of new options. Once this is enabled, you should find Developer Options in your main settings menu. Click on it and find Stay Awake and turn it on.


·         Start earning: Having carried out these steps, you can then start AppLike, choose the game, then walk away. You can also let this run overnight while the phone is plugged in, and have a nice little pile of mCoins waiting for you when you wake up 🙂
AppLike pays out by PayPal. It’s about 31,000 mCoins for £2.50. To put this in perspective, a newly installed, 4 star game (A LOT OF MCOINS) will typically earn around 10,000 mCoins if left to run overnight. Remember though that these earnings will decrease markedly the more you play a single game.
The referral scheme is quite generous. In addition to earning 250 mCoins per friend you refer, you will also earn 25% of all mCoins they earn too. As an incentive to sign up, the referral also earns 25% of all mCoins their referrer makes as well. So it pays to help each other out!
If you join using a link I will send you when you contact me, you’ll receive a 5555 mCoin starting bonus to get you off and running. Happy gaming!

This is a guest post from Daniel Smith, who is one of our Facebook group members – to get an invitation to Applike and benefit from what he earns, you can contact him via Facebook or email him at

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