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How I make £300 a month from survey sites and apps with minimal effort

Please note – this is an old blog post. Therefore it is possible that the opportunities mentioned below are no longer viable. Please visit the GPT Genies Facebook group for any questions or updates.

Over in our Facebook group people have been asking how I can possibly earn so much from apps when I claim I spend so little time on them (implying something? 😉 ) so this post is to explain and hopefully help a few people out. It’s a very quick and dirty post so there are no screengrabs or pretty pictures in it. It is quite long though, please read to the end before asking any questions x

Throughout the post there will be links to the various sites and apps highlighted in green, and in the main they will be referral links. There will also be links to other posts that might help you out.

OK, so…

I’m an early riser – my alarm goes off at 5am and the first thing I do is switch on the radio and get back into bed 🙂

Then I follow this quick routine (I’ve numbered things for ease of reference)

1) I start with my phone apps – first I check Attapoll for any surveys and check my balance and cashout if neccessary (less than a minute)

2) I then check VYPR for any steers that have come in overnight and any cashout (less than 2 minutes)

3) Next is (check your app store) where I do a couple of the non earning surveys and any paid ones – this cashes out automatically so I don’t need to check that (2 minutes)

4) After that I check OnePanel (check your app store) and do any non paid and paid ones, and of course check if I can cashout (2 minutes max)

6) I check Tipps and leave a quick review for a local restaurant, just ticking boxes and giving stars, no typing involved (1 minute)

7) Lucky leftovers is next – I’ve set this up to send max texts to each competition so all I do is check if I have a cashout (30 seconds)

8) (check your app store) usually has some quick questions to answer so i do those now (30 secs)

9) Panelapp (check your app store) just adds points for checking in so that’s another 5 seconds

10) I check Shopprize  (no longer open to new users)to get my daily login bonus, see if I have any referrals and cashout if necessary (I don’t scan receipts so 15 seconds max)

That’s all my non Swagbucks phone apps done in less than ten minutes while I listen to the news


11) I set the Swagbucks SBTV app running videos. I have favourited all the ten second ones and run my favourites list. I leave my lovely warm bed and jump in the shower. By the time I get out I’ve made another 10sb on SBTV, maybe more if it’s run bonus rounds too.

12) I then set EntertaiNow TV Swagbucks video app running, choose ‘short clips’ and leave it while I go and make coffee, breakfast and packed lunches. While I’m in the kitchen I fire up the laptop and…

13) I set Swagbucks ToolbarTV going on the website

14) I also look to see if there are any autorun Ncraves that can run while I make and eat breakfast

15) By the time breakfast is over, EntertainNow has run so I start Sportly (another Swagbucks app) while I do housey thing like load the washing machine, do the washing up, water the garden etc.

16) I check into the Facebook group and approve any posts, new members and answer any queries

17) By now it’s 7 o clock and the rest of the house is leaving, so it’s time for another coffee 🙂

18) I check in on Mintvine and Prolific to see if i have any cashouts on there. I do the daily poll  on Mintvine. If there are any short studies on there (under 10 mins) I might do one or two, but I don’t do this every day.

19) Sportly has finished now so I load up Lifestyle TV and set that running on short clips

20) I check the Facebook group again and check whether there are any short Gold surveys on Swagbucks (on laptop). I also set another Ncrave going if there is one

21) I then mooch about in the Facebook group until 8am when Swagbucks starts again, hopefully I’ll have run the Indy music swagbucks app too by then, but I don’t always.

It’s now 8am and active time on Swagbucks is a maximum of 15 minutes (if I’ve done a survey) Let’s say another 10 mins each on Mintvine and Prolific if i’ve bothered to do studies on there.

22) So now I set SBTV Swagbucks app running again and start the process of running the apps again – I don’t watch the videos, I don’t babysit them. I just let them run until they’ve finished and then start the next one.

23) I spend a lot of time in the Facebook group helping people out, while also administrating my other groups (some of which I do for fun, some of which clients pay me for) and Facebook pages, and also writing blog posts for clients. I might occasionally do a quick Prolific survey if I think it’s worth it, and I also try to complete my Swagbucks to do list.

I work for the rest of the morning. At lunchtime I check all my phone apps again.

Throughout the day Ncraves are running where possible and Watch is running on another tab in my browser. The Swagbucks apps are running on my phone or tablet. I don’t have to do anything except move them on occasionally, which I can do in a second because I’m working online anyway.

To my routine I’ve added InstaGC, which I mainly run videos or throughout the day (more on this another time, but sign up and PM me on Facebook and I’ll help you out).

And that’s it! Unless someone posts a tasty Prolific study in the group and I can take a break, I don’t do anything else other than mooch in the FB group, work for clients and the occasional foray out into the garden.

In the evening I have the usual household stuff to do – walk the dog, make dinner, clear up, make sure everyone has clothes for the next day, bath and bedtime etc. Then I can sit in front of the TV, all the while Watch has been running. Ncraves has finished by this time unless i’m really lucky 🙂

I watch TV with my partner, or do stuff in the garden. If I’m watching TV I might do the occasional survey on my phone, but that’s it. If someone in the group mentions a decent Discover on Swagbucks I’ll do that too, but I don’t worry about Discover as long as I’ve reached my daily goal.

Weekends the before 8am routine is probably the same, then I just set apps and Watch running on Swagbucks and do normal family weekend stuff.

So, as you can see, although it seems like I spend all day doing this stuff, my actual active time is not a lot. I might do VYPR steers in front of the TV, but that’s no different to playing Candy Crush or reading a book, which is what I would be doing if not doing this.

Some days I do nothing apart from the apps as I don’t have the time or I get distracted by work. I’d say at least one week a month I do nothing on Swagbucks.  Yet throughout my apps and sites, in May I made over £300, August over £500. I’ll update this post when I get a minute with the actual figures for each month but the total between Jan and September is well over £2500.

I hope this has helped some of you see how you could get into a routine and streamline the process, if it has, come and tell me in the group. If you have any specific questions, make a new post in the group rather than add to an existing one, so that I can be sure to see it.

I’m working on a post about getting referrals, (a quick one is here) as they’re a good part of making money on some apps and sites, so make sure you’re in the group if you want to know when I’ve finished it.



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  • Wow! I really must have a go at doing thus if it really is as easy as you make it look! I will let you know when I start and how I get on!
    Thank you xx


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