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Submitting a ticket – Swagbucks: What’s This?

From accessing the Support Desk, to submitting a ticket.

1. Where’s the Support page?

You can access the Support page by scrolling to the bottom of the Swagbucks homepage, and selecting Customer Support.


2. How do I send in a ticket?

  1. Click “Submit Request”
    SB hlep sub req
  2. Select the desired option from the drop down menu
    02b SH Help req opt
  3. Once you’ve chosen a topic, the relevant ticket will appear.
    03 SH Help form copmlete
  4. Add a Subject.  This should describe your problem, e.g. I completed a survey and didn’t get credit.  You may get a list of links that could answer your question.  If you think they’ll be helpful, read them, otherwise ignore than and continue with the ticket.
    SH Help ticket subject options
  5. Then scroll down and choose an option from the “What are you missing credit for?” option.  This option will adapt the form to the specific request, so it can be easier to do this first instead of adding the description first.
    SH Help ticket missnig
  6. Now go back to the description, and add in all the required information.  No matter what you’re ticketing for, you will need to know the location of the survey/offer, the amount of SB that you’re missing, and screenshots that show you completed the task.03b SH Help ticket descr
  7. The rest of this page will cover how to ticket for a survey.  A discover offer ticket simply has fewer options.Choose an option for “Survey Incident”SH Help ticket incident
  8. Then add in the Survey ID.  This is the number that shows under “Survey #” on the Gold Surveys page.
    03c SH Help missing credit
  9. Time to tell Swagbucks where you hail from.  There’s a useful drop down so you can select your country.03d SH Help ticket country
  10. Enter the amount of Sb you’re missing.SH Help ticket sb amount
  11. Then upload your screenshots.
    03e SH Help ticket attachments
  12. If you are new to the Help Centre, you may need to enter a Captcha before you can submit your ticket.
  13. Click submit
    SH Help ticket submit.png
  14. YOU ARE NOT DONE!  If you want an agent to look at your ticket, there’s one more thing you have to do.  You must reply to the auto-response email you will have received.  If you do not reply, your ticket will NOT be looked at by anyone.
  15. Ok, now you’ve submitted your ticket, and replied to the automated email.   If this was your first time using the Swagbucks Help Centre, there’s still one more thing you should do.  You now need to request a password so you can see your tickets and add more if necessary.
  16. Go back to the Support homepage and click on “Sign in”.  Then click on “Get a password”.  It can take a few days for them to send you a password, so be patient.
    SB Help sign in
  17. When you’re signed in, click on the tiny downward arrow next to your name and choose “See my requests”.
    SB help optoins
  18. You can now see all the tickets you’ve sent in.SH Help tickets

All the ticket forms can be found here.

More information? Read the Swagbucks FAQ.

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