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I’m missing credit for an activity! What can I do? – Swagbucks: What’s This?

Unfortunately, there may be times when an activity you complete on Swagbucks doesn’t credit.  If it was a high paying activity (e.g. above 100 SB) you may want to send in a ticket to see if you can still get awarded the SB.


  1. Tips
  2. Who should I ticket?
  3. Ticketing Swagbucks
  4. Ticketing an Offer Wall

1) Tips

To ensure that as much of what you do on Swagbucks credits as possible, follow these simple tips.

  1. Dedicate (or create) an email address just for swagbucks.  You’re going to get spam, lots of spam, from any offers you sign up to.  You’re also going to get a lot of emails you’ll want to keep aand it’s just easier to have one address to use for SB & any other GPT sites you use.
  2. Set aside a browser just to use for Swagbucks.  Chrome or Firefox are recommended.  There are several reasons to do this:
    • It makes it easier to keep on top of what you’re doing & not get your personal stuff muddled up with SB stuff;
    • You can install extensions to help you, e.g. the Swagbutton, Vanilla Cookie Manager, Distill Monitor (mostly for Prolific but good for alerting to Swag Codes too);
    • Most sites work best on Chrome/Firefox, in fact, surveys will sometimes tell you that they ONLY work in those browsers;
  3. Uninstall any adblocking software you have on the browser you’ve chosen to use. GPT sites get revenue by showering you with ads.  If you block them, the sites can’t track you properly so you don’t get paid.  Having a dedicated browser means that you can still use an adblocker on your regular browser without it mucking up Swagbucks.   Just disabling an adblocker on Swagbucks usually won’t help as you’ll still be blocking all the third party websites you visit to complete surveys/offers etc.
  4. Delete/disable/uninstall any VPN software you have.
    • A VPN is a Virtual Private Network which can be used to hide someone’s IP address for privacy.  However, many people use them to spoof their IP address, and appear to be in a different country which means they can access sites/offers that are geographically restricted.
    • VPN’s are against the rules of most GPT sites and are cause for being banned/blocked from a site without warning.
    • Tracking software like Mobile Expressions and InCompass etc. use  VPN’s.  Therefore, either disable them while you’re using GPT sites or completely remove them from the device you’re using.
  5. Screenshot everything!  This is probably the most important tip in the list.
    • Screenshot the completion page of the survey you’re doing. If it doesn’t credit, you’ll need them as proof.  Just be careful with surveys that ask you to agree to confidentiality, if they think you’re taking screenshots, they’ll disqualify you for breaking the NDA and you won’t get credit.  In those cases, consider taking a photo of the completion page rather than a screenshot.  Ensure you don’t include any confidential info, for example the poster for the new movie coming out that they just asked you about etc.
    • If a Discover offer requires steps for you to complete, like playing to a certain level in a game, you’ll need proof of completion for those too.
    • You may end up with hundreds of screenshots you don’t actually need, but that’s better than not having the one you need when you want to ticket for something.  Just delete any unnecessary ones at the end of the day.
  6. Be sensible with what you ticket for:
    • Don’t ticket for anything lower than 50-100 SB, it’s a waste of time;
    • People have been banned from the Support Desk for “spamming” them with tickets.  Don’t ticket too often and you should be fine.
  7. Some Discover offers just don’t credit.  Take advice from other people online and avoid the offers that are known not to track.  These often include: quizzes, app downloads, lifescript offers.
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2) Who should I ticket?

Keep track of the tasks that you complete on Swagbucks.  If you don’t get the SB you were expecting, you’ll need to know who to ticket.

You should only ticket Swagbucks for Gold surveys & Discovers that they themselves promote, e.g. Featured Offers.

If you complete an offer from one of the Offer Walls,, e.g. Trial Pay, OfferToro, Adgate Media etc., you need to ticket them directly, not Swagbucks.

Click here to find out more information about ticketing an Offer Wall.

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3) Ticketing Swagbucks.

Click here to see a detailed guide to submitting a ticket to the Swagbucks Help Centre.

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4) Ticketing an Offer Wall.

If you’ve completed an offer from a specific wall (this includes surveys done through Peanut Labs) you need to contact that wall directly, not Swagbucks.

Most walls will have a button somewhere on their wall for you to submit a ticket.

  1. TrialPaytrialpay
  2. OfferTorooffertoro
  3. AdGate Mediaadgate
  4. Revenue Universerevenueuniverse
  5. Peanut Labspeanutlabs
  6. Kiwi Wallkiwi
  7. RadiumOneradium
  8. AdscendMediaascendmedia
  9. Paymentwallpaymentwall
  10. SuperRewardssuperrewards
  11. Fyber – scroll to the bottom of the page.
  12. Acorn
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More information? Read the Swagbucks FAQ.

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