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Swag Ups – Swagbucks: What’s this?

When Swagbucks runs a promotion, the prize is often in the form of a Swag Up.

In this article we will be discussing what Swag Ups are, where to find them & how to use them.


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  1. What is a Swag Up?
  2. How do I get a Swag Up?
  3. Where can I see my Swag Ups?
  4. How do I use a Swag Up?
  5. Do Swag Ups expire?
  6. I have wo of the same Swag Ups.  Which will be applied first?
  7. Things to ask yourself

1) What is a Swag Up?

A Swag Up is like a bonus or “power-up” that Swagbucks applies to your account. The bonus that you receive from the Swag Up depends on the type that is applied to your account.

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2) How do I get a Swag Up?

Swagbucks members can receive Swag Ups for participation in Team Challenges (if you contribute enough points) or Swago Boards,  or as prizes from the Spin & Win Wheel.

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3) WSwag Ups 1here can I find my Swag Ups?

All your Swag Ups are listed on the Swag Ups page.  To find the page, click the drop down arrow at the top right hand corner of any Swagbucks page, next to your picture and/or SB total, and select Swag Ups from the list.

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4) How do I use my Swag Ups?

There are usually two types of Swag Ups:

A Rebate Swag Up:

This type of Swag Up gives you an SB rebate when you redeem a gift card.  This means that the next time you redeem your SB for a gift card, you’ll get the amount of the rebate added to your account.

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Rebates are only applied if the value of the gift card redemption is more than the value of the rebate.

For example, say you receive a Swag Up that will give you 500 SB, as a rebate, on your next gift card redemption.  If you then redeem 450 SB for a £3 Amazon Gift Card, you will not receive the 500 SB rebate because the rebate amount is larger than the number of SB you redeemed.

You can read a more detailed explanation of this here.

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An SB Award Swag Up:

This type of Swag Up will add SB to your account when you complete the relevant task.

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Examples of these include:

  1. Double SB for completing survey;
  2. Double SB for a search win;
  3. Double SB for Shop & Earn;
  4. A flat amount for completing a survey;
  5. A flat amount for Shop & Earn.

In order to receive the SB amount from these Swag Ups, you must complete the task with which it is connected, e.g. if you have a double survey Swag Up, when you next complete a survey the Swag Up will be applied.

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Activating your Swag Up

Sometimes you will need to activate your Swag Up before it can be applied.  You can do this from the Swag Ups page..

Any Swag Ups that require activation should be shown clearly with a red “Activate Now” button.

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5) Do Swag Ups expire?

All Swag Ups have an expiration date.  The date will be listed on the Swag Ups page.

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6) I have two of the same Swag Ups.  Which will be applied first?

If you have multiple Swag Ups for the same type of award they will be applied in the order in which they expire.  That means, the one with the shortest amount of time left on it will be awarded first.

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7) Things to ask yourself

  1. Does my Swag Up need to be activated?
  2. Am I redeeming enough SB to get my rebate?
  3. Are any of my Swag Ups expiring soon?
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More information? Read the Swagbucks FAQ.

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