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Swagbucks – completing the first daily goal in the minimum amount of time

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I keep getting people asking in our Facebook group how I reach the Swagbucks daily goal so quickly.
A few things before I tell you what I do: this is only about reaching first target so you get the streak bonus at the end of the month.

Second targets are different for each person and I don’t always reach mine. Hell, sometimes I don’t even reach the first because I don’t even have time to do what I’m about to type.

Secondly, I am no expert – there are people in our group with far more experience than me and who are earning way more than me. I put in the minimum time I can to get the maximum return, sometimes I get it right, sometimes I don’t.

OK, so, this is my daily routine at 8am:


  • Set phone apps running, do everything else on laptop.
  • I start with to do list and open every element except daily discover in different tabs.
  • This means daily crave starts running while you’re doing everything else.
  • Do daily poll then close tab.
  • Check on daily crave and move on to the next video by clicking I like it.
  • Move to daily watch and click on sponsored video – hopefully you have it, run it and that covers off your discovery. Close tab
  • Check daily crave tab again and move that on.
  • Go to daily search and search something random (sometimes I have to do 3 or 4 searches to get it to tick off). Close that tab.
  • Go to daily deal and click on it.
  • Check on daily crave again and move that on
  • Go to attempt gold survey tab, find shortest one and give it a go. If they’re all over 10 minutes, open up peanut labs and find the shortest one there – at least if you get dq you get 1sb.
  • Hopefully you get a survey.
  • While you’ve been doing this, you should have completed daily watch with the apps (I run SBTV first as it’s the quickest) and daily crave should have finished. To do list done 🙂 Usually, if you’ve managed a survey too, that’s the first goal done too. If not, the rest of the apps and watch / ncraves should help you reach it quite quickly

Only problem arises is if you can’t qualify for a survey.


  • If that happens, I just leave apps running, set ncrave running if available, set watch running in another tab and get on with my day. I work for myself, on my computer, so I tend to have Watch and ncraves running on a separate monitor or tab so i can keep an eye on them without much trouble, but as I work from home I’m often off in the garden, to the shop, doing housey stuff and Watch at the moment just runs itself with the occasional nudge if it gets stuck.
  • Try again for a survey when I sit down to lunch.
  • Often if I can’t get a survey on my laptop / PC (I refuse to do surveys over 10 minutes long) then I can find one on my phone, either on the Answer app or the Swagbucks app.
  • If I can’t get qualified for a survey at all, I’ve still got ncrave and Watch running to help meet that first goal, which is usually not too bad.

If I really want maximum bonuses at the end of the month and want to reach second goal every day, but it’s not looking like i’ll make it then I use Swagstakes .

So that’s how I do it – I’m not saying it’s the right way, the best way or the quickest way and if anyone can refine the process further I’m very open to them adding to this thread – the more we work together with little tips and hints, the better we all do.

My ‘way’ is designed for me to have as little interaction as possible. I don’t have the time to be moving videos on after 30 seconds or apps after 4 seconds or anything that means I have to be focusing on and interacting with swagbucks. If you have the time to do that then that’s your ‘way’ and it works for you 🙂

Hope this helps, please add anything you think is relevant or of course just tell us how you do it over on the Facebook group.


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