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Swago – Swagbucks: What’s this?

The Swago board is a bit like Bingo, there are boxes that you have to check off to win your prize.  Everyone has a chance to win, they just have to complete all the tasks.


Swago Basics


What is Swago?

Once a month,

holds a special event called Swago.  Swago is a contest, of sorts, which lasts a week.  During that week, every Swagbucks members can try to complete tasks on their Swago board.  There are different rewards for completing different amounts of the board.

Swago usually runs towards the end of the month.  They generally start on a Monday  at 5 PM BST (9 AM PDT) and end a week later at 8 PM BST (12 PM PDT).

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How does the Swago Board work?

The Swago board is a bit like Bingo.  You need to check off the boxes on the board to get a reward.

The board is usually contains 25 boxes, or squares.  Each square contains a task that you have to complete to check it off. That means, there are 25 tasks to complete, in the week that Swago is active, to get the largest reward.

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How do I join Swago?

A few days before the new Swago goes live, Swagbucks will post about it on their blog and Facebook pages (UK page).  I will also try to alert people on here as well.

Sometimes, you will be able to join a Swago board before it goes live.  In that case, you will see a Join button, on the board, before the board goes live.  Once you’ve pressed the Join button, the message below will appear until the board goes live. Other months, you will not be able to join the Swago event in advance.  In that event you will see the message below until the board goes live.

N.B.: You will only be able to complete tasks for the Swago board once you’ve joined the board.  If you complete a task before pressing Join (or before the board goes live, whichever comes last) it will not highlight the correlating square.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 19.30.12.png

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Where can I find the Swago board?

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 19.29.54After Swagbucks has alerted users to the new Swago board, a link to it will appear in the sidebar on the homepage, under Contests.

You can also go to the Swago page via the links on Swagbucks’ blog and social media pages.

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How do I complete the Swago board?

Each square on the board contains a different task to complete.  When you successfully complete a task for a square, that square will be highlighted, or checked off, on the board.


Each board has a set of patterns that you can complete for a bonus, i.e. your reward.  You can only submit ONE pattern, so try to complete the one that gives you the largest bonus.  If you think you won’t be able complete the board, try to complete the X or + for the next largest bonuses.  Remember, you have to submit your board before the Swago event ends or you won’t get a bonus.

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Tips for completing the board:

Some of the tasks can only be completed on a computer.  Some can only be done on a mobile or tablet.  Some can be completed on any device.

  1.  Computer only tasks
    • Any task that requires the Swagbutton. For example, redeem a swag code via the swagbutton.  You can see how to do this here.
    • Complete a survey on your desktop.  A survey in this instance refers to Gold surveys only.  Peanut Labs surveys will NOT check this box off.
    • Earn SB via Discover on your desktop.
    • Earn SB via Watch on your desktop.
  2. Mobile/tablet only tasks
    • Visit X from Swagbucks Shop on your mobile device.  Just click on the square containing the task and wait for the page to open.  That should highlight the box.
    • Earn through Survey attempt on Mobile web.  This refers, again, to Gold surveys only.  You have to be disqualified from a survey, and earn 1 SB, to check this square off.  Mobile web refers to accessing Swagbucks via the Swagbucks app, or your mobile browser.  Using the Swagbucks Answer app will NOT check this off.
    • Complete a Gold survey on Mobile Web. As above.
  3. Other tasks
    • Everything else.
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What reward can I get for participating in the Swago event?

You can get between 5 and 300 SB for participating.  You get a reward by submitting a pattern.

A pattern is made up of highlighted squares, the squares that you’ve completed the tasks for.  Each pattern is worth a different amount.  The amounts reflect the difficulty of completion.


The patterns and their corresponding bonuses can be found to the right of the Swago board. Once you’ve achieved a pattern the “submit” button will turn change colour.

You can complete multiple patterns, so have several available to submit.  However, your board can only be submitted once so try to complete the most difficult pattern and get the highest reward.


  • You will receive your Bonus SB reward as soon as you hit “submit”.  This bonus usually counts towards your daily goal so wait to submit for a difficult earnings day, e.g. the weekend, to help you reach your goal.
  • Remember to submit your board before the Swago event ends or you will not receive a reward.
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Do I have to complete the activities via the Swago board?

No, once you’ve joined the Swago event, your activities will be tracked and any that correspond with a square on the board will check it off.  However, in some cases it’s easier to go via the board, for example, visiting the Swagbucks Shop pages.  Going via the Swago board in those cases means that you can easily check which ones you’ve done, and which still need to be completed, without having to remember all the shops you have to visit.

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Spin & Win

What is Spin & Win?

Some months, Swagbucks includes Spin & Win in the Swago event.

Spin & Win is like a slots game.  You click to spin the wheel and win whichever slot the arrow is in when the wheel stops.

When Spin & Win is active, each task you successfully complete on your Swago Board will give you anywhere from 1-20 spins.


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Where can I find the Spin & Win wheel?

You will be able to access the Spin & Win page, via the Swago page, when it is active.  A link to the page will also appear in the sidebar, on the Swagbucks homepage, under Contests.

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What can I win?

In the past, the winnings from Spin & Win have included:

  • 1-2500 SB bonuses
  • Swag Ups – double survey, double search, SB rebates
  • Swagstakes entries

The SB bonuses on the wheel will credit immediately, however, they will not count towards your Daily Goal meter.

The Swag Ups will be live for a couple of weeks and will expire 15 days from the time they are applied to your account.

Swagstakes entries will be automatically applied to your account.  You can see your entries here.

**All Swag Up and Double Search and Survey SB will credit back as Bonus SB which means they will not go towards your Daily Goal Meter.

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