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Team Challenges – Swagbucks: What’s this?

From time to time, Swagbucks holds team challenges.  If you choose to take part, you will be assigned a team and can earn points for your team by earning points by completing specific activities on the site.



What is a Team Challenge?

From time to time, Swagbucks holds team challenges.  If you choose to take part, you will be assigned a team and can earn points for your team by earning points, called SB, through specific activities on the site.

When the competition ends, participating team members, who contribute enough points to their team, win a bonus.

You can see a list of all the Team Challenges, that Swagbucks has run previously, here.


How do I join a Team Challenge?

Click on the link in the blog post about the challenge.  Each challenge has a different team page.

I plan to post about each challenge, so you should be able to find the current challenge here.

The link, in the dedicated blog post, should take you to the Challenge page.  If you have not yet joined a team, you’ll see an image declaring the Challenge, a list of the teams in the Challenge and a big JOIN NOW button.  I think (hope) you know what to do next.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 17.44.48.png


How do I find out what Team I’ve been assigned to?

You can check the Challenge page throughout the duration of the Team Challenge to see what team you’re on, how all the teams are performing, and how many points you’ve contribute to your team.

SB - Team Challenge 10On the top left hand corner of the main image on the Challenge page, you should be able to see the icon for your team.  Once the Challenge starts, the names of all the teams will reappear so you’ll be able to easily tell which team you’re on.


What are Team points & how do I earn them?

Once you’ve joined the challenge and been assigned a team, many of the activities that you do usually on Swagbucks will contribute points to your team. You don’t have to check the Challenge page unless you want to, the points will be automatically assigned to your team.

You usually have to earn a minimum amount of points in order to be eligible for the bonus SB prize when the challenge finishes.  For example, you have to earn 600 team points for the Swagathlon challenge to be eligible for a bonus.

Earning Points Breakdown:

  1. Any survey that you complete on your desktop or laptop computer will earn you 35 points for your team. Eligible surveys can be found on the Home Page, Gold Surveys or Peanut Labs.
  2. Any discover activity that you complete (i.e. that shows in your ledger) will add 20 points to your team. I recommend seeing if the EngageMe.TV videos from the AscendMedia wall are working for you & running them for part of the day. It can be an easy way to rack up points.
  3. Watch nCraves, or run Watch on your lap/desktop and earn 15 points for your team each time you complete a set.
  4. Invite a friend to Swagbucks and earn 15 points for your team.
  5. Use the mobile video apps as normal and earn 10 Team points for every 2 SB video cycle that you complete.
  6. Any discover activity that you complete (i.e. that shows in your ledger) through the Discover app on your phone will add 10 points to your team.
  7. Been searching and won some SB? That will add 8 points to your team.
  8. Remember to redeem the daily Swag Codes through the Swagbutton extension, or the Swagbucks app to earn 5 points for your team.




Where can I see how many points I’ve earned?Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 17.13.16

You can see a running total of all your team points on the Challenge page, on the right hand side, below the main image.


What could I win?

If you join the challenge and earn at least the minimum amount of team points, you could win a bonus amount of SB.

The amount of SB you win is dependant on the Team that you’re on.  The winning team will get the biggest bonus.


How do I know who the winning team is?

When the Challenge ends, the image on the Challenge page will display the winner, along with the final totals for each team.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 17.13.06


Where can I find the bonus that I won, and how do I use them?

The bonus that you win from Team Challenges comes in the form of a Swag Up.

A Swag Up is like a bonus that Swagbucks applies to your account. The Swag Ups that are won from Team Challenges are usually gift card rebates.

This means, that the first time that you redeem a gift card after the Challenge ends, you should get a rebate for the amount of SB that your team won.

You can find all your Swag Ups under “My Account > Swag Ups”, or just click here.

I advise everyone to check their Swag Ups page whenever they win one as, Swagbucks has recently introduced a change where, some Swag Ups have to be activated before they can be applied.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 18.16.19

You can find out more information about Swag Ups here.


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Part of the “Swagbucks: What’s this?” series.


All images are screenshots from the Swagbucks website.

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