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Get 1000+ bonus SB a month!

Please note – this is an old blog post. Therefore it is possible that the opportunities mentioned below are no longer viable. Please visit the GPT Genies Facebook group for any questions or updates.


img_6248Did you know Swagbucks rewards active users with free SB just for earning on their site?

Read below to see how you could earn 1000+ SB each month just from bonuses.

Daily Goal & Streaks:

You will get these if you hit your Daily Goal everyday.

  • 300+ SB – approx 10 SB bonus per day, more if you hit your second goal
  • 300 SB – Monthly Master – You will get this if you hit your daily goal every day in a month.  If you don’t manage to hit your goal every day, you could still get other streak bonuses.  Click here to find out more.

Total = 600+ SB


To Do list:

  • 28-31 SB – Daily Poll – 1 SB a day
  • 28+ SB – 1 Step from Complete – This bonus varies from 1-7 SB each day.
  • 28+ SB – Completing the To Do list – This bonus varies from 1-10 SB a day

Total = 84+ SB


Swag Codes:

  • 56+ SB – Swag Codes are worth 2-4 SB each day.  Swagbucks also runs Swag Code events: iSpy most Tuesdays, and one Extravaganza day a month, where you could earn even more.

Total = 56+ SB


Monthly events:

  • 300 SB – Swago – Bonus for completing the board. There is usually at least one Swago a month.
  • 20 SB – Collector’s Bills – Bonus for completing the set. Learn about how to earn with search here.
  • 10-100SB – Team Challenge – Bonus in the form of a Swag Up for contributing at least 600 points to your team. Reward varies depending on which team you’re in.

Total = 330+ SB


If you do all the above, you could get a minimum of 1070 SB each month!


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Other Bonuses:


You can also earn bonuses from referrals

  • 300 SB per referral who earns 300 eligible SB in their first calendar month.
  • 10% of your referral’s eligible earnings.

Total = unlimited!



You can also earn search wins

  • 4-100 SB – You could win up to 4 times a day!  Click here to learn more about search wins.

Total = 16+ SB a day!


Spin & Win:

Some months Swagbucks gives out spins on the Spin & Wheel wheel for completing squares on your Swago board.  You can earn a variety of bonuses from it.

  • 2500 SB – The biggest reward on the board.
  • 900 SB – Swag Up – A 900 SB rebate on your next gift card purchase of over 1000 SB.
  • 50 SB – Swag Up – A 50 SB rebate on your next gift card purchase.
  • 15-1000 SB – Swag Up – Double survey reward – you could get this multiple times.
  • 4-100 SB – Swag Up – Double search win – you could get this multiple times.
  • 1-25 SB – Bonus SB – you can get this multiple times.

Total = who knows…



You can also earn bonuses from commenting on various Facebook posts on the official Swagbucks & Swagbucks UK pages.

  • 50 SB per  winning comment.

Total = 50+ SB!


Swagbucks blog:

Swagbucks has an “Hourly Random Winner” on the right hand side of their blog.  If your name is there, you only have an hour from the time it’s posted to claim your bonus!

You can also win by submitting your story to Swagbucks.  If they choose to publish your rewarding moment on their “Meet our Members” page, you’ll get 1000 SB.    You can also nominate someone else to be featured.  If they are chosen, they’ll get 1000 SB and you’ll get 500 SB!

  • Hourly Winner – 1000 SB
  • Rewarding Moments – 1000 SB
  • Nominating someone for a Rewarding Moment – 500 SB

Total = 2500 SB!

Pro tip – I have Distill set up to alert me if I (or my sister) win.  Check out my post about Distill to see how you can set it up to alert you.

Want to start earning bonuses like me?

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Have I missed anything out?  Let me know in the comments!


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