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Daily Goal and Bonuses – Swagbucks: What’s this?

If you’re new to Swagbucks, you’ll hear people talking about reaching their Daily Goal.  Your Daily Goal is a way for Swagbucks to encourage you to earn SB, and reward you for earning regularly.

If you reach your first goal every day in a month, you’ll get a bonus of 600 SB, or more, on top of what you’ve already earned!


  1. img_6065-1What is the Daily Goal?
  2. How do I reach my Daily Goal?
  3. When will I get my Daily Goal bonus?

1) What is the Daily Goal?

Every Swagbucks member has a Daily Goal that rewards you with a bonus if you reach it.img_6080

The Daily Goal is made up of a few parts:

  1. Daily Goal (first goal) and Bonus
  2. Total Goal (or second Goal)
  3. Winning Streaks
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1.1) Where can I find my Daily Goal meter?

img_6133You can find your Daily Goal meter, in the main toolbar, at the top of every Swagbucks page.

On a computer, the Daily Goal meter button will say Daily Goal.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 20.50.54

On mobile, you’ll just see the Daily Goal button.

Daily Goal - mobile

When you first sign up to Swagbucks, you may be asked to activate your goal.  Once you’ve activated it, your daily earnings will be tracked in the meter.

activate 2.png

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1.2) How much will my Daily Goal be?

IMG_6610For your first two weeks on Swagbucks, or your first two weeks after a lengthy break, your Daily Goal will be around 40 SB.  After your first two weeks of earning regularly, the Goal will go up to match the rest of Swagbucks users, to around 100 SB.

On the weekends, the first Goal tends to be a bit lower, in the 80’s or 90’s.

On Swag Code Extravaganza days, your first Goal will be higher, around 130 SB.

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1.3) Why should I try to reach my Daily Goal?

img_6070There are two reasons to hit your Daily Goal.

  1. Each day that you hit your Daily Goal, you’ll earn a bonus.  The Daily Goal bonus is usually around 10% of the Goal itself.
  2. In addition, every day that you hit your Daily Goal contributes towards a Streak which could earn you an even bigger bonus!

Most of the first goal bonuses are around 10 SB, so if you reach it every day in a month, you’ll get at least 300 SB as a bonus.  If you also get Monthly Master (look at 1.5, Winning Streaks), that’s another 300 SB, meaning that you could earn almost £5 for just spending a little time on Swagbucks each day, on top of whatever you earn!

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1.4) What is the Total Goal?

2nd goal.pngEveryone has two goals: their first goal, the Daily Goal, and; the Total Goal, or Second Goal.  The Total Goal is shown in orange and, as with the first goal, the bar will turn green with a tick when you reach it.

If you hit your Total Goal, you’ll earn the Total Bonus instead of the first goal bonus.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 23.17.09.pngYour Total Goal changes according to your daily earnings.  If you hit your second goal regularly, it will continue going up.  When you stop reaching it, it’ll drop back down again.

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1.5) What are Winning Streaks?

If you hit your first goal each day in a calendar month, you can earn an extra bonus, on top of your daily goal bonus.

  • img_62517 days – 25 SB Bonus.
  • 14 days – 100 SB Bonus.
  • 21 days – 200 SB Bonus.
  • 28 days – 200 SB Bonus, but both 7 day & 21 days will be lit up.
  • Every day (Monthly Master) – 300 SB Bonus.

You’ll only receive one streak bonus, the highest amount you’ve achieved.
Streak Badges

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1.6) How can I check whether I reached my Daily Goal in the past?

If you click the little calendar icon at the top right of the daily goal meter, a calendar will pop up and you can select previous dates to view.


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2) How do I reach my Daily Goal?

Just earn on Swagbucks as you usually would, and the majority of your earnings will go towards your daily goal.

2.1 Which SB count towards my Daily Goal?


  • Answer
  • Discover
  • Play
  • Shop
  • Search
  • Swag Codes
  • Watch
    • Desktop
    • Mobile
    • nCrave
    • ToolbarTV

2.2 Which SB do NOT count towards my Daily Goal?

  • img_6068Bonus SB
    • Daily Goal Bonus
    • Daily Goal Streak Bonuses, e.g. Monthly Master
    • Team Challenge Bonus
    • To-Do List Bonus
  • Comment Hookups – These are SB you may receive if you comment on an eligible Facebook post on the main or UK page.
  • Courtesy SB
  • Referral SB
  • Swagups
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3) When will I get my Daily Goal bonus?


Daily Goal & streak bonuses are paid out in the first week of the following month. That means, you’ll get your bonuses from August in the first week of September.

The bonus will not be applied automatically.  When the bonuses go live, a banner will appear at the bottom of the meter.  Click on the banner to claim your bonus.

You can also access it here.

screen-shot-2017-08-03-at-08-38-17.png   dailygoal bonus

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More information? Read the Daily Goal FAQ.

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