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Engageme.TV not working for Grabpoints? Try this!

This is a guest post from Rebekah Critchley, a member of our Facebook group dedicated to Swagbucks, Mintvine, Prolific and more – pop over to the group and thank her for taking the time to write it! It was written in response to a number of members saying they could not get to work with Grabpoints.

So I am here to tell you today about a new work around for on Grabpoints!

Lots of people are earning money for Grabpoints by signing in to, connecting the two together and running videos on the website (Nikki is writing a blog post about this at the moment that will be linked from here when it’s finished).

A few people have found that this doesn’t work well for them though so this guide is a work around should that fail.

If you are not yet on Grabpoints start here. If you are scroll down …
There are 2 routes to sign up to Grabpoints. As of writing this Swagpoints has Grabpoints up for 256 points.
* Route 1 – Swagbucks home page —> Discover page —>Revenue Universe:
   Scroll down until you see Grabpoints as can be seen below.


* Route 2 – Referral —> Using a referral / invite code gives you a 500 point start on Grabpoints, so please feel free to use mine. Sign up via and here is my referral id: CIUU3V. Thank you so much if you do!

Ok so once you are signed in to Grabpoints  the screen will look like this:


On the left hand side click on Watch Videos:


This will bring up the following page:


Click on any one of the 3 videos that have 5 points next to them. This will then open up a window in


On this screen you can see the points you are accumulating circled in Red and the video count in a orange rectangle:


The points will update on Grabpoints after every set of 5 you have accumulated. So at 5, 10, 15, 20 etc.

This can be see like this on your earn history.:


Occassionally you may encounter a problem with the video count not moving on. In this instance it is best to just go back to the watch video page and just choose a different one.

As you can see from my picture you can earn 5 points within 6-20 minutes or so but it does vary. I would say an average of 10 minutes to work through from 1-3 and then get awarded your 5 points.

Here is a print screen of my current status. This gives you a rough idea 🙂


For those of you who may not be on Swagbucks yet it is fab! Lots of opportunities to earn through doing surveys, downloading apps, opening links, playing games, search the web aaaand the best watching videos! The points soon add up and you can cash out to Paypal and Amazon. Here is my referral should you wish to use it 🙂 : If you do sign up through it thank you so much!

Hope that the guide helps and happy earning to you all! x

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