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Etiquette for getting referrals from Facebook groups

Just a quick reminder people, I know we all want to get referrals and one of the ways we do it is by posting in Facebook groups. However please be aware of he following if you do this:

1) Make sure that the group allows referral links – if you’re not sure, ask an admin

2) Do not just ‘drive by’ spam your link in the group – if you’re going to get points from a referral make sure you’re also giving value to the group – participate and help others out for a while before even considering posting your links

3) Don’t continually post your link in response to everything, even if it is related – people will get sick of seeing it and you’ll end up getting complaints

4) If someone else has already posted their referral link on a post, back away – you didn’t get this one, deal with it and move on – there will always be another post.

4a) Rather than posting every referral link you have on a post, pick ONE per post – it stops you looking desperate, doesn’t overwhelm the original poster and gives other people a chance too. It could be a different site / app link each time, or the same one, up to you. I vary my links.

5) If there is a specific post / thread in a group for your app and admin has asked you to keep all posts on that topic in there, respect their wishes – it’s their group and they’ve probably spent a lot of time building it up, it’s a privilege, not a right to post in there.

You can get a lot of referrals from groups, but it is also easy to be kicked out, so have respect for the group you’re in and you should be fine.

You can get your own referral link post easy to post in groups with several referral links, find out more here.

We welcome referral links in our GPTGenies Facebook group – come and join us!


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