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Facebook minitip – getting notifications of posts in groups

It seems that some people are missing out on notifications from the Facebook group – in order to be alerted every time a new post is put in the group, the best thing to do is edit your notification settings.

On the Facebook website, this is under ‘notifications’ at the top – simply tick ‘all posts’.

On the Facebook app you need to click where it says ‘joined’, then ‘edit notifications’ and tick ‘all posts’.

This will ensure you get alerted whenever a new post is put in the group.

Be aware there are a LOT of posts during the day so you may not want to see them all, but getting them all will mean you see swagbucks instant survey alerts, prolific survey alerts and any offers and promotions that are running on various sites / apps as soon as they are posted, rather than coming across them long after they’ve disappeared.

Not in the Facebook group? Come and join us!

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