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Facebook minitip – searching a group

You may see the same questions being posted again and again on the Facebook group, a good way to be sure your post isn’t the 15th time that question has been posted today is to quickly search the group first.

To do this on a laptop/PC, there is a search field on the left of the group (circled).

To do this on the app, click the search icon:

and ensure that you are ‘searching within the group:

Type in a few words that relate to your question:

prolific payment
vypr steers
swago board
getting referrals
or whatever your question is

and see what the results are – the chances are that your question has not only been answered but expanded upon and you can join in the conversation in that thread.

There’s not always someone around who can help, so this is usually the quickest way to find what you need.

If admin are around, they may well in future refer you to a previous post rather than typing everything out again 🙂 Of course it may be that your question hasn’t been asked before, or you can’t find that it has, in which case post away! And we always want to hear your successes (and woes!) and about new apps and sites you find, and a hello if you’re a new member.

Searching the group, rather than scrolling through it, may also introduce you to some posts you’d never even see too!

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