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I can’t log in to Prolific – what should I do? (minitip)

Recently, Prolific updated / upgraded the front page of their website and it seems that since that has happened, a number of people are having problems logging in, especially on their smartphones.

Having read a number of these posts in our Facebook Group, here are a couple of things to try:
  1. Go into your email and find an email from Prolific – click through to the site from there and then click ‘Account’ – this should take you to your account page without you having to login.
  2. Go direct to the login page – – and login as usual – this should redirect you to the old login page.
If neither of these things help, the best thing to do is contact them via and explain the issue you’re having.
Hopefully it’s going to be a short lived thing and everything will be sorted out soon.
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