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!!Mintvine alert!!

*** Please be aware that this post is related to Mintvine, which is now known as Branded Surveys, and as such the information contained in this post may be out of date and not relevant *** 

Up until yesterday PM, cashing out on Mintvine, it was 1000 points for £7.49 on Paypal or £13.10 on Amazon – we’ve said for a while they got the exchange rate the wrong way around.

It seems that they have realised this and now it is much of a muchness, with Amazon being slightly better at around £8.00 per 1000 points.
They have not alerted anyone to this. If you were cashing out on Amazon purely to get the better rate, it may be that Paypal is now better for you.
Please can you share this post anyone you think may be affected by this and I’ll try and remember to bump it regularly over the next few days.
I know it’s not great, but it was only a matter of time, and we’ve had it good for a while 

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