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Mintvine minitip – I can’t verify my mobile number!

*** Please be aware that this post is related to Mintvine, which is now known as Branded Surveys, and as such the information contained in this post may be out of date and not relevant *** 


In order to get your first cashout from Mintvine, you need to verify your phone number, but it seems that many of the members of our Facebook group dedicated to Swagbucks, Mintvine and other survey sites and apps are running into issues when getting to this step.

The problem, it seems, is that Mintvine simply cannot verify UK mobile numbers in the usual way by sending you a text message with a code that you then put into the website.

There are 2 things to try to get around this:

1) Try putting in a landline number – many members have found that this works and verifies immediately. It doesn’t send a code or anything, just ticks off the verification.

2) If this doesn’t work then the only option is to contact Mintvine. Their customer service is usually pretty good and they verify you manually within a few hours. You can contact them via the Help tab on the website menu.

Once you’re verified you should be able to cashout with no problem.

Let us know in the Facebook group if the landline trick worked for you!

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