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Referrals minitip – it’s not just your family and friends

Don’t forget that if you can get referrals on sites such as Swagbucks then you earn 10% of their earnings for life.

Not only that, but if they earn 300sb in their first calendar month (not their first 30 days) then both you and they get a 300sb bonus at the beginning of the following month, so it’s worth having a think about how you could be getting referrals.

It’s not just about people you know, I didn’t know ANY of my referrals apart from my partner, and it doesn’t mean hassling your family and friends, which I know is what some people worry about.

My referrals on all of the survey sites have come from:

– local and not so local selling pages on Facebook
– other groups I am a member of on Facebook (check their rules on posting referral links)
– ‘make money online’ groups on Facebook
– ‘work from home’ groups on Facebook
– Listings on Craigslist and sites like Craigslist
– Business cards I leave on trains, in supermarkets, on notice boards etc
– Adverts I place in local shops (I don’t do this so much now but it worked well when I did)
– Local ‘real life’ notice boards (church, visitor centre, community centre, school etc)

Think about it as advertising a business, not getting your mates to sign up, and you’ll probably find a whole host of ideas I’ve not thought of!

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