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Running videos – is it worth the cost of the electricity?

This is a guest post by Jodie Webb, a member of our Facebook Group dedicated to Swagbucks, Mintvine, Prolific & more – come and join us and thank her!

Worried about how much electricity you’re using, running videos on your phone, tablet or laptop at all hours of the day and night? It may not be costing you as much as you think!

Whether you’re using Swagbucks, MintVine, GrabPoints, Perk TV, InstaGC, PrizeRebel, Earnably, EarnHoney or all of them and more, running videos is a great way to make passive income, but if you’re not using your devices at the same time for anything else (or they wouldn’t usually even be switched on) then it makes sense to ensure you are actually making a profit, as earnings can vary.

The amount of electricity used obviously varies by device and the cost of electricity varies by company and region – the majority of UK prices are currently around 10p to 13p per kWh (if you’re paying more than that, it may be time to check out an energy comparison website and get switching to a better deal!) – so the below prices are a rough estimate.

A general rule of thumb would be between 0.25p and 0.75p to fully charge a tablet and around 0.1p to 0.2p to fully charge a phone. Just multiply that by however many times you have to charge it per day to get your daily cost and compare this with how much money you are making within the same time frame.

Used 1 full charge of your tablet to earn 50sb or 70sb from the Swagbucks mobile watch apps? Then it’s probably cost you a lot less than 1p to earn 36p (50sb) or 50p (70sb). Use 1 full charge of your phone per day to run them and it could cost you around 1p for the entire week….or around 50p for the entire year! So the cost of electricity is nothing to worry about!

For laptops the usage can vary much more greatly, but you should be fine using an estimate of about 1.25p to 1.75p to fully charge it and then it really depends how quickly your battery depletes after that (or you may just leave it charging constantly). Depending on how demanding your usage is, an efficient MacBook could cost around 0.35p per hour of use, whereas a gaming laptop could cost up to 1p per hour of use. Desktops, being more powerful, can cost around 1p to 3p per hour of use.

Left your laptop running via Mintvine for 10 hours and earned 100 MV points? Then it’s probably cost you less than 5p to earn about £80p in Amazon vouchers, so well worth it!

If you haven’t joined Mintvine yet, then I highly recommend it, as in addition to doing surveys, I’m currently earning £1 to £2 per day running the videos that you can find under Adwall in the offers section. Join me on Mintvine now!

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