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Swagbucks: Quick Tip – Earn your 500 SB referral bonus

Please Note: As of January 2018 referrals can only earn the first 300 SB bonus.

You signed up to Swagbucks using someone’s referral link. They said you’d get a 500 SB bonus but it hasn’t appeared…

Read this post to see how you can earn your bonus in your first month on Swagbucks.

N.B. You can only and the 500 SB if you signed up with someone’s referral link otherwise you will not be eligible for it.  If you know who referred you, you can double check that you’re on their list by, asking them and, giving them your swag name.

The referral bonus is split into two parts.

Earn 300 SB!

You can get the first 300 SB by earning 300 eligible SB in your first calendar month on Swagbucks.

That means, if you signed up in August, no matter what day in August, you ONLY have until 1st September to earn 300 SB.

  • Earnings that are eligible for the bonus include SB from:
    • Surveys (Answer);
    • the video apps (Mobile watch);
    • Watch;
    • nCraves;
    • Discover; the games (Play)

Swag codes and bonus SB (i.e. from the To Do list & registration bonuses) do NOT count towards the 300 SB you have to earn.  If you’re not sure whether you’ve earned enough, ask the person who referred you.  They can check and let you know.

The 300 SB bonus will be paid out in the first week of your second month on Swagbucks.

Earn another 200 SB by ordering takeout!

To earn the second part of the bonus, the 200 SB, you have to spend £25 through Shop & Earn in your first calendar month.  As Shop & Earn SB pend for 32 days, you need to receive your SB, before the end of your second calendar month, to be eligible for the bonus.

Therefore, if you signed up to Swagbucks in August, you need to spend £25 through Shop & Earn before 28th of August, so you receive your SB before 30th September.

If you ever order take-out from Just Eat, order through Swagbucks, get cashback SB, AND get the 200 SB bonus!  It’s as simple as that.

The 200 SB will be paid out in the first week of your third month on Swagbucks.

Want to earn the bonus?

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