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Swagbucks: Quick Tip – Pending SB

Sometimes, when you complete an offer on Swagbucks, your SB do not credit immediately. Instead they show in your ledger as pending.  You will always be able to tell how long an offer will pend for by checking the terms and conditions, or disclaimer.


Pending SB remain at the top of your ledger until they credit, and will show the date that you originally completed the offer.


Shop & Earn

Pending credit from Shop & Earn can be found under Shop Activity, on My Account. Some discover will credit as shop activity not as discover offers, e.g. The Bike Insurer.


Swagbucks works on a 24 hour clock, so when an offer says it pends for 40 days actually pends for 24×40 hours.  Therefore if you completed an offer at 5 PM, the SB will credit around 5 PM on the credit date.

Also remember that Swagbucks is based in California. Therefore, a new day on Swagbucks starts at 8 AM in the UK.

Don’t panic, or send in a ticket, until it has gone past 8 AM on the following day, without your SB crediting.

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