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How can I get notifications when there is a UK Swag Code?

swagbucks_swag_code_photo_8-_2015-480x240-e1500469606812.jpgThere are several different ways in which you can get notifications for swag codes.

Unfortunately, the notifications that you can receive from the Swagbucks app are for the US codes, not for the UK codes.  Therefore, you will have to get your notifications a different way.

This post will go through a few different ways you can get alerts for swag codes.

Although the post focuses on how to get UK codes, much of the information is relevant for users worldwide.


The first way to get notifications from the for the swag codes is to turn on notifications for the codes post in our UK Swagbucks group on Facebook







You can also turn on notifications for the Swagbucks UK page on Facebook.




Best for mobile only users

swagcode twitter alertYou can also get notifications from Twitter.

You can turn on notifications for the official Swagbucks account, however, as they often don’t tweet about the UK codes this is mostly useful for iSpy codes.




You can also follow one of the other (unofficial) accounts that tweet out notifications for the swag codes.

img_6821The one I use is @ezswag. While not all the notifications are relevant, @ezswag does tweet every single swag code with a location tag so you can see at a glance whether it’s for the UK or not.

Note: @ezswag posts the codes on Pinterest.  I never use the links from their posts, I just use the notification to let me know I should check the Facebook page or Reddit bot.








Desktop only

redditbotAnother option is to turn on distill alerts for the Reddit swag code bot.

Click here for instructions on how to use Distill.







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