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Swagbucks minitip – Earn Swagbucks from Just Eat!

How many of you on Swagbucks order food through Just Eat

Did you know that you can get SB for this if you order through Swagbucks instead of using the Just Eat app? 

You can do this on a phone or on a laptop/PC. 

The payout varies from 1% to 2% but it’s a nice few extra sb in your pocket and might make you feel slightly less guilty about that double doner kebab 🙂

Simply search for Just Eat via the Swagbucks app and order that way, or on the laptop go to Just Eat and activate the ‘Shop and Earn’ button that pops up if you have the Swagbutton installed (you do have the swagbutton installed don’t you?)

Swagbucks pend for 32 days but they’re a nice little surprise when they pop into your total 🙂

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