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Swagbucks minitip – How do I get my 300sb bonus from my referrals?

Most months, Swagbucks has a bonus scheme whereby if your referrals earn 300 qualifying sb in their first calendar month (eg the calendar month in which they sign up, not their first 30 days) both you and they get an extra 300sb around the 5th/6th of the following month. (If they also spend £25 via Shop and Earn, you’ll both get an extra 200sb, making 500sb)

This is why I always say it’s better to get your referrals as early on in the month as possible!

However, this does not mean that if your referral has earned 300sb, that’s enough – the points have to be qualifying points.

The sign up bonus that they get does not count.

Swagbucks say:


How do I Earn SB from Referrals?

For each new person referred to, the referrer will earn 10% of the referrals earnings. The earnings eligible for the 10% referral program include the categories along the top menu bar: Shop, Search, Watch, Play, Answer, Discover.  This includes everything found in the drop down menus such as Daily Poll, Activities, Coupons and Tasks. Every earn on a mobile app contributes too.

You will continue to earn 10% for as long as your referral is active on, with no maximum limit.

Categories that do not count towards 10%: Sign-up bonus, Swag Codes, Daily Goal Bonuses; others may be added.


So, the more that they earn in their first calendar month, the more likely you are to get the bonus – so help them out where you can!
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And read my minitip about referrals to get started on finding them.

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