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Swagbucks – my top ten tips for making money on Swagbucks

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I’m a big fan of Swagbucks, and many of the people in our Facebook group are also Swagbbucks lovers, but an equal amount of people tell me they don’t like it, for varying reasons:

  • I never get any surveys
  • I’m always disqualified from surveys
  • It takes too long to earn money
  • It takes too much time to earn money
  • I hate surveys
  • Nothing ever credits
And they’re all valid reasons, but all surmountable if you spend some time learning how to use Swagbucks, so here are my top ten tips for newbies and old hands alike. Pretty soon you too could be making over £100 a month.
1) Don’t sweat about the surveys – I do one survey a day usually, and it’s usually one under 10 minutes. There are so many other ways to earn Swagbucks than surveys.
2) Run the video apps – there are 5 apps on iPhone and 7 on Android. You can run them twice a day – once between 2am and 8am and once between 8am and 2am. That’s a potential 140sb (more if you get bonus rounds) on Android and 100+sb on iPhone for doing nothing. I run them from 8am and then again when I get up at 6am. 140sb a day for 30 days is 4200sb. The average £5 reward costs 700sb so that’s £30 a month for leaving your phone running videos. I wrote a blog about it here

3) Check nCraves regularly – at the moment there are some great nCraves and they reappear during the day – every half an hour in some cases. Some run themselves, some involve you clicking videos but none of them take long and those 2sb add up.

4) Stop worrying about your To Do List – it’s worth a maximum of 10sb a day which is around 8p, so if you can’t tick everything off, don’t panic! It’s nice to complete it, and it helps to guide you but it’s not the be all and end all of Swagbucks.
5) Concentrate on your Daily Goal – that’s the important one as that’s what’s going to get you a 300sb bonus at the end of the month if you complete it every day. When you first start it will be very low, but it can go up to 100sb or so as you’re around longer, so it’s more important than your to do list and remember that 300sb bonus!
6) Referrals make you money – if you can get a few referrals it can make all the difference to your earnings. It won’t affect your daily goal, but a few decent referrals will help you earn more and possibly even get you some bonuses. Any referral that earns 300sb in their first month gets both you and themselves another 300sb bonus, so well worth trying to get some. I wrote a short blog about this here which is well worth a read.
7) Don’t be afraid of Discovers where you have to spend money – a few of them will get you more money back in Swagbucks. Currently there’s a £1 Eurolottery offer that gets you a  1400sb in return – that’s £1 for a £10 return. There are also a whole host of Bingo and Casino offers that will give you a good return and possibly win you some money too. See our latest Discover posts here
8) If Watch won’t work try Toolbar TV which can be run via a browser or via the Swagbutton – this often works well when Watch isn’t playing ball. It’s slow, but it runs on it’s own with no interference and can bump up your score by over 50sb on some days. 
9) Keep an eye on the Facebook Group – often the first place you’ll hear about Swagcodes, Instant Surveys and the latest offers is there so make sure you subscribe to notifications so you don’t miss out. Join us here.
10) Don’t be afraid to ticket an offer if you don’t get credit for it. I don’t ticket anything under 100sb but if you’ve done an offer that’s taken your time and effort, you deserve to be rewarded for it. Be nice, be courteous and be polite, but make sure you ask for your SB. Hannah has a blog about how to ticket here which is a must read.
and a bonus tip:
10a) Have fun! You’re not going to stick to it if you don’t enjoy it, but at the end of the day it’s free money for sitting doing things you’d probably be doing anyway – watching videos and chatting to your mates. Come and join in on the Facebook Group and see what a friendly bunch we are – not only will you make a few hundred friends, you’ll get all the help, hints and tips you need to make the most out of Swagbucks. Not a Swagbucks member? Remember that 300sb bonus? Join me now if you fancy an extra £100 a month.
I hope that helps you to make a little more from Swagbucks – watch out for my top ten tips on Mintvine, Prolific and more, coming soon.


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