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The Swagbucks / MSE double Swag Bucks bonus is in!

Morning people – hopefully lots of you waking up to your Swagbucks double points bonus from the MSE offer early in July 🙂
If you don’t have the points and you think you should have, here’s what to to
If you don’t have the points and don’t know if you should have them, these are points from a Money Saving Expert offer which ran from 4th – 11th July 2017. The offer was double swagbucks for the week on certain activities done on Swagbucks UK. If you were not a member then, you aren’t due the points. If you didn’t click on the link to activate the offer, you also aren’t due the points. Some people who did click the link got a confirmation email, some didn’t (I didn’t) but it is worth checking your emails from around 13th July when confirmation emails seem to have gone out.
There is a little confusion as to what and wasn’t included in the offer and whether everyone has actually received the points they were due – from my point of view I’m happy with what I have received and life is too short to be counting every last point to see if I got the right amount, you may feel differently (especially if the difference is quite large) in which case if your totals don’t tally up, I would suggest following the steps at to claim any you feel you are due.
Missed out on this offer because you’re not a Swagbucks member? Some members gained an extra £20-30 in swagbucks! Come and join me now so you don’t miss out next time!

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