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Top 10 tips for Swago

augustswagoThere’s usually a Swago board each month.  You can find the current board by clicking here.

The board almost always has the same rules, and contains very similar squares to the previous one, so I’ve put together a list of tips to help you get the best out of your board.

  1. Your activities will only tick squares off if you’ve joined the Swago board.  Join now so you won’t forget.  Once you’ve joined the board, swag as usual.  You do NOT need to complete the activities through the board.
  2. You can only submit ONE pattern. Don’t get excited and submit a 5 SB pattern because you think you’ll be able to submit a higher pattern later.  It doesn’t work that way.  You can submit the board ONCE and that’s it.
  3. If there’s a Spin & Win wheel, don’t submit your board until you’ve completed ALL the squares that you can.  Even if you can’t complete the full board, every extra completed square will give you more spins.  Remember to use all your Spins before they expire!
  4. Wait until the Swago board goes live before redeeming your next giftcard.
  5. If the Swago event runs through the final week of one month and the beginning of the next, don’t try to refer a friend until the 1st of the new month.  That way, they’ll have the entire month to earn enough to get the referral bonus.  Otherwise, they’ll only have a couple of days and both of you are likely to lose out.
  6. Your referral needs to earn at least 10 eligible SB (i.e. from surveys, games, videos, discover) for you to earn 1 sb and tick the square off.
  7. If you’ve already set your swag name, the square will start off highlighted.
  8. You’ll need both a computer and a mobile device if you want to complete the full board.  If you don’t have both, try and think if you have a friend or family member who would allow you to use theirs for a short while.  You’ll need to install the swag button, and enter the swag code in the button, to complete the board.
  9. Your bonus for submitting a pattern counts towards your daily goal.  Don’t submit as soon as you’re ready.  Wait until the weekend when it’s harder to earn, or a day when you’ll be very busy, to submit your board.
  10. Remember to submit your board before the Swago event ends! (8PM BST on a Monday usually)

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Don’t know what Swago is?  Confused about how you can complete the board?

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