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What’s the word on the “Street ……Bees?”

A beginners guide to buzzing, by Rachel Eastop, a member of our Facebook Group dedicated to sites and apps that help you to make money online.

I’m a bit fond of survey app Streetbees. I like the app (android or IOS). It’s user friendly and it’s pretty. I’ve been off sick from work for a while following a head whack (another story) so I decided to investigate the wonderful world of online surveys to see if it is possible to actually make some cash. I signed up to lots and lots of sites as a bit of an experiment. I can’t remember how I came across Streetbees (see earlier head whack mention ) but I joined up in about the middle of June. What struck me was how different the app is from every other survey site I had encountered. It’s conversational. It’s also yellow, with bees. Nice 🙂

The pros and cons – or the honey and the stings – I’m sorry. Had to be done.


1. It’s a really nice, user friendly app.
2. The surveys are short , a few minutes, plus they are interesting.
3. They pay well. £1 ish for a short survey (5-10) questions)
4. Other surveys pay considerably more, for example £5 for a 10 minute survey with photos. Obviously these survey amounts vary.
5. There isn’t a cash out value! You don’t have to apply for your money, it gets paid into your PayPal account quickly and automatically following your approved survey. I have had payments on the same day, the longest I have had to wait was following a Friday survey. I received payment the following Tuesday.
6. Helpful and friendly team. Ask, and they answer.
7. Global organisation with high profile clients such as L’oreal, Unilever, Pepsi and Vodafone (to name a few).


1. I have found the surveys to be infrequent, it isn’t going to be something you can give up work for (but none of them are)
2. Initially I had to complete a number of short unpaid surveys (similar to most sites so don’t be disheartened)
3. You don’t receive notifications and if you do it’s too late (I’ll address this at the end)
4. There isn’t a clear referral stream if you are looking for passive income. I asked the team and it is project dependent.
5. The apps don’t contain all the information they are supposed to such as referral data.


It’s uncomplicated and pays out without the faff. Infrequent (in my experience) but very competitive rewards. Having said that, it’s a reliable return compared to some of the other sites.

My referral link is below which you are under no obligation to use but I’ll love you a bit if you do although I don’t know what the benefits will be 😉
I’m using Streetbees, and I think you’d love it too! Here’s a referral code to get you started: 7886F4
Lastly – to address the notifications I will be setting up a Whatsapp community group so that if we come across a survey we can let each other know. Obviously they won’t be applicable to us all but it may help us to act on them sooner rather than later. If you are interested let me know by pm on Facebook and I will add you.

Hope it works for you. All the best, Rachel. 

Questions about Streetbees? Come and ask Rachel over on our Facebook Group!

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