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When will I receive my cashout?

You’ve completed the surveys, watched the videos, subscribed to the offers and the time is finally here to cash out – you’ve made money and you’re excited to receive it!

But when will you receive your hard earned Paypal payment / gift voucher? Many thanks to our Facebook group member Jade for putting together this list of cashout times for the most popular sites and apps.

(We’ll be updating this as we go along so new ones could be added at any time – it might be worth bookmarking this page so you can refer to it at any time.)

Cashout times for popular sites and apps in alphabetical order:

  • AttaPoll – Almost instant to PayPal, definitely receive it the same day you redeem.
  • Citizen me – Instant to PayPal as soon as you’ve completed a paid activity
  • Embee Meter – Almost instant
  • InstaGC – Instant, unless cashing out over $25
  • Lucky Leftovers – Approximately 3-5 working days
  • Mintvine – Approximately 7 days once the cashout had cleared, can sometimes receive sooner.
  • OnePulse – Instant to PayPal
  • – Approximately 48 hours to receive your reward
  • Prolific – Can take up to 5 days. Appears to be a trend of cashouts being received on a Tuesday and a Friday.
    Minimum cashout limit is £5
  • Qmee – Instant to PayPal, no minimum cashout limit
  • Shopmium – Can take a few hours to receive from redeeming
  • Shopprize – Can be instant but can take up to approximately 5 days
  • Swagbucks – Can take up to 10 business days. Sometimes can come a lot sooner but also can sometimes take longer due to the demand of a specific giftcard you are ordering / the amount of stock they have of that giftcard at the time you redeem.
  • Vypr – Can take up to 7 days. 10,000 points = £5

Cashing out on a site or app we haven’t mentioned? Come and ask in our Facebook group to find out when you’ll receive your payout and we’ll add it to our list.

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