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£15-20 a month for doing practically nothing? Swagbucks video apps ** Updated

** Update – Swagbucks Video Apps no longer give the amounts per day mentioned in the article – please read this post to find out about the latest changes **

From a post in our Facebook group:

Ran all the Swagbucks video apps yesterday – 7 as I’m on Android – and as I awoke at 4.30am have time to run them all again before 8am. That’s 140 swagbucks even if I get no bonus rounds 🙂 iPhone users have 5 video apps, which is 100sb a day.

(Note: video apps can be run twice a day, once from 8am to 2am and then once again from 2am to 8am – I often get up at 5/6 so set them running again while I do my morning chores)

Unfortunately the twice a day promotion has now finished, so you can only run the apps through once per day between 8am and 8pm – meaning 50sb on iPhone and 70sb on Android.

So Android users – 140sb x 30 days = 4200 swagbucks a month, which based on a £5 giftcard being 700sb, is £30 a month even if you do nothing else.

And iPhone users – 100sb x 30 days = 3000 swagbucks a month, again based on a £5 giftcard being 700sb, that’s almost £21.50 a month.

£30 / £21.50 a month for just leaving your phone on the side running? The spare phone I bought has paid for itself in less than a month

Read this blog if you don’t have or don’t know about all the video apps –

Join Swagbucks here if you like the idea of £30 a month for doing practically nothing. I made £240 in August 2017!

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