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Get started on instaGC with these easy ways to earn!

10139133-275734153_19-s4-v1instaGC has fast become one of my favourite GPT sites.  The site is simple to navigate and easy to use.  There are many different tasks that you can complete to earn points.

In this post I’ve listed some of the easiest ways to build up your points so you can cash out that much sooner.


Active Earners

Minute Staff

minute-staff-550a5974Please note:  MinuteStaff is only available after you’ve earned 500 points.

MinuteStaff is one of the offer walls.  It can be found on the Earn page, after you click load more.

On MinuteStaff there are several different options, all to do with visiting different websites.  I start with Instant, then do some of the Views and Clicks.  I rarely do search but it’s also an option.  We’ll talk about Live in the Passive Earners section.


Each page on Minute Staff gives you clear instructions about what you have to do to earn points.  Make sure you follow them to the letter so you don’t get warnings.

Points earned on Minute Staff will credit when you reach 1 point.  Until then, they will accumulate on the Minute Staff page.


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Offer Daddy

offer-daddy-58a5e4f2I only do the Clicks on Offer Daddy.  They’re the same kind of thing as any other content discovery offer.  Click on the link, make a search etc


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I find these a bit hit and miss.  Check the page early in the day (i.e. after 5 am BST) to get the best chance of having click tasks available on these walls.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 13.49.35

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The survey section on instaGC becomes available once users have earned $5 (500 points).


The surveys are a great way to earn points and you’ll get 1 point for your first 10 disqualifications each day.  I tend to try the ones with higher payouts for less time.


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Tap Research

tapresearch-58f50cf8 Tap Research can be found on the Surveys page.


The surveys are generally quick and easy and you earn 2 points for every disqualification. igc_surveys_tapresearchdq

They also award different amounts of points depending on how long you took the survey for before disqualifying so you can earn more than 2 points if you’ve already answered a few questions.



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One offs

You can only do each of these once so if you’ve been on instaGC a while they may not show for you.

  • Feedback Bonus – 5 points – I think the feedback popup showed for me when I had earned 500 points.
  • Complete your profile – 1.7 points

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Passive Earners


instagc-5411df50Currently, instaGC has two playlists available, Playlists 4 and 6.  The playlists vary in length each day.  This means that some days you will have to click to play it again more than on other days. You can run both playlist at the same time but must only run one instance of each.

You will earn one point for every 20 videos watched. The points credit at around 00:05 EST, 05: 05 BST. Additionally, you also and a video bonus that credits once a week.  Click here to read more about this.

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Video Loyalty

videoloyalty-5988a8aaVideo Loyalty can be found under Earn —> Videos.  If you go via the Watch Videos page, click on Other Providers.

Video Loyalty is a slow earner in the UK. However it’s still worthwhile leaving it running alongside other videos.

The tally on the video loyalty page shows your completions. You get 0.8 point for every completion, i.e. every 4 adverts that you watch.

Points from Video Loyalty credit every four points, that means after every 5 completions or 20 ads.


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engageme-tv-591de174 You’ll probably have heard of already.  Members from our Facebook group use it on a variety of different sites. I prefer to run it via instaGC but it may work better for you on other sites.

Simply click on the EngageMe link, choose a playlist and let it run.  You’ll earn 0.7 points for every 3 ads watched.  Points from EngageMe credit every time you hit 1.4 points (so every 6 ads).igc_engagemecredit.png

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Minute Staff

minute-staff-550a5974We touched on Minute Staff earlier.  If you choose the Live option, you can leave it open on your computer and earn around 2 points an hour.  It’s a slow earner, but if you have things running anyway, why not add another one.


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  • Mobile Home Screen Bonus – Get 1 point every day just for opening instaGC on your mobile!
  • Video Bonus – Every Wednesday you’ll receive a bonus that is calculated based on the amount of videos you watched in the eligible period.  This bonus is only paid on weeks when instaGC makes a profit but I’ve never had a week without it.  I make more from the video bonus than I do from the videos themselves!
  • Weekly Bonus – Everything you (and your referrals) do during the week gives you bonus units towards the weekly bonus.  You can earn up to 5% of your total earnings for this bonus.  The bonus is applied every Sunday at 00:05 EST, 05:05 BST
  • Point Booster Codes – Keep an eye out for these.  They’re just like Swag Codes and give you free points when you redeem them.  They’re usually shared on instaGC’s social media pages and we try to share them in our group too.

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