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Inbox Pounds – money in your Inbox!

This is a guest post by Cherese Bennett, one of our Facebook Group members, pop on over to the group to thank her and ask any question.

I have been using Inbox Pounds for several years, since joining the Facebook Group I’ve paid
more attention to this site (due to going on maternity leave plus going back to work as part time).

This site is similar to Swagbucks in regards to completing offers, downloading apps and of course
surveys, but NO DAILY TARGETS.

When you sign up you are rewarded with £1 and every time you cash out they will start you off with another £1 which is a great help. I’m roughly cashing out every 2-3 months, when I remember to go on this site! I mainly use the surveys,  on an odd occasion I complete an offer to join another
survey site.-

The cash out value for this site is £20, you can redeem your cash by:-


  • Cheque (they issue the cheque quite quickly, I normally receive around a week/2 weeks after redeeming)
  • Amazon voucher
  • Virtual Mastercard voucher (they will send you an email with the voucher. You can request a physical copy at a charge of £3)


InboxPpounds is a web based site, you can make money towards your goal by:-
  • ·         Searching via their search engine
  • ·         Clicking on paid emails
  • ·         Completing Surveys
  • ·         Games
  • ·         Sign up offers
  • ·         Spin and win

Searching via their search engine
You can get up to 0.07p every day by doing what they call “relevant searches”.  You get paid by completing 4 searches. They are very fussy so if you correct a spelling and search again it doesn’t count towards the 4 searches.
Clicking on paid emails
InboxPounds normally sends you a paid email daily, it is normally titled as Paid emails (so look out for that one!).  If you go directly to the website click on the envelope, click on a message and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on confirm the email. The reward for clicking on each paid email is 0.01p. This is credited straight away to your account, I normally let them build up about two weeks’ worth instead of clicking every day.
Completing surveys
InboxPounds will send you daily emails.  It will either direct you to a survey or the survey page.  You normally have about 10 or more surveys plus the peanut lab surveys.
Rewards start from 0.05 (Peanut lab surveys pays out more so try and complete peanut surveys)  I aim to complete around 2 surveys a day.
I haven’t really bothered with the games section as you have to leave cash deposit to play for cash prizes.They are partnered with World Winner, I signed up just to get the joining bonus reward. This site works by deposit money for gaming dollars; you can play for free or go head to head games. You use the gaming dollars and whatever you win Inbox Pounds will credit the cash value to your Inbox account (it takes 3 to 5 working days to credit)
Sign up offers
The offers can be quite lucrative, and receive better sign up offers compared to Swagbucks.  The type of offers you could receive are other survey sites or bingo deals.
Spin and win
The spin and win wheel has helped me out a lot in previous cash outs.  I have even been lucky enough for the wheel to land on the £5 prize!
For every disqualified survey, you will receive one spin on the wheel. You can only use the spin and win wheel 10 times in a day and also store up to 100 spins stored to your account. 
Prizes you could win are:-
Survey tokens- the next time you complete a survey the token is credited to your account. 5 tokens can only be saved at any one time. The tokens only stay on  the account, i couldn’t find how long it stays on there for
A cash prize value 0.01p £1or £5.This is rewarded straight away.
The referral system is quite good!  When  someone uses your referral  link you will receive 10% of their qualified earnings.  So if you would like to join and help me out (much appreciatedJ)

My referral link is :

Not in the Facebook Group? Come and join us!

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