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Making the most of your commute

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Guest post from Leah

Read on to see how she makes Swagbucks work for her, despite working full time.

I have been using Swagbucks for a couple months now and I think I have figured how to use it to my best advantage whilst working full time. I didn’t want to spend my evenings on it much, as they are the only time I have to relax, so I set myself some simple aims.  Every day I’d try to reach my first daily goal, and complete the daily to do list, anything extra would be a bonus.

I reach my goals and complete the to do list as follows:

  1. DailyPoll – I usually do this on my mobile at the start of my commute
  2. DailyCrave – As I sit at a desktop at work it is fairly simple to put this on for the couple minutes it takes to open my regular work programmes
  3. DailySearch – Also done on my mobile during my commute or to check the weather when I get up.
  4. DailyWatch – Download the swagbucks apps and leave one of them running for a few minutes (preferably whilst connected to wifi). I tend to do this as I am getting ready for work in the morning but anytime is good.
  5. DailyDiscover – This is the step I find trickiest and sometimes fail to complete. I either try to complete a couple minute survey from Revenue Universe or to watch the videos on Ascend Media if it is working. There are many options of things to sign up for and I spend a couple minutes once I am home trying to find the best option for me that day.  If you’re up at 8am, you can use the Sponsored video to tick off Discover, I don’t start work until later so am rarely awake then.
  6. Attempt A Gold Survey – My commute is wonderful for this, although most of it is underground I have a few minutes each end where I can be online. I don’t much like completing surveys on my phone as they take a while but it is usually fairly easy to get kicked out of one if necessary. The other option is to have this completed by completing a survey which you want to do anyway.
  7. Deal of the Day – All this takes is a click on the button from the list which I do alongside the Poll and Search on my morning commute.
  8. Complete A Gold Survey – During my day at work I spend a lot of time at my computer, some of this I spend eating lunch and whilst I am doing that I try to complete either a 70/80 SB survey which usually takes about 20 minutes.

Once I have fulfilled all these steps I have almost reached my daily goal. I top this up using swagcodes and usually some extra watch or an easy discover.

The half hour to forty minutes a day this all takes gives me the daily goal bonus, the to do list bonus and if I keep up over the weekends I get the monthly bonus too.

By doing the above, you can earn about 3500SB a month and, once you add in Swago and any other offers to top up the total, it’s a nice easy way to earn some extra petty cash.

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