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Mintvine minitip – How do I know when I will get my cashout payment?

*** Please be aware that this post is related to Mintvine, which is now known as Branded Surveys, and as such the information contained in this post may be out of date and not relevant ***


Lots of people in the Facebook group asking how long it takes to cashout on Mintvine.

The short answer is 7 days but often sooner, but if you’re looking for more concrete confirmation, here’s how to check.

When you log in to Mintvine and see your totals, underneath that is a button labelled ‘Withdrawal Status’ – it looks like this:

Clicking on ‘Withdrawal Status’ gives you something like this:

You can see from this that I requested my withdrawal on 21st September and it is expected by 28th September. That’s their quoted 7 days cashout.

However, if you look at my previous cashouts:

This one took 4 days:

This one took 3 days:
And this one took 5 days:
It’s very rare in my experience for a Mintvine cashout to take the full 7 days, but it’s always best to err on the worst case and allow 7 days fro your Mintvine payment to arrive.
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