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Swagbucks: Quick Tip – Revenue Universe Surveys

The surveys on Revenue Universe can be a great little earner. As they are on an offer wall, they credit as Discover offers rather than Surveys (Answer).

To find the surveys, go to Swagbucks —> Discover —> Revenue Universe.  Then click on the overconfident man with a laptop.  If you’re on a mobile, or tablet, you may have to request the desktop site to see the survey button.

revU surveys

You can then sort the surveys by Minutes or Payout.  I tend to sort them by Payout, and then check how long each might take, before deciding which one to try.

RevU surveys 2

If you select the first survey, the 4 mins for 110 sb one, you’ll be redirected to the Your Surveys router.  It always asks me if I want to earn $35 so, just say Yes and, don’t expect to be given a survey that actually pays more than the 110 SB.

N.B.: This survey isn’t always there.

RevU surveys 3

If you get redirected back to the surveys page (without completing a survey first) you have been disqualified.  Once you’ve been disqualified from a survey, you’ll often be dq’d from the rest too.

Leave them and try again tomorrow.


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