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Swagbucks – November Referral Bonuses are in!

One of the things that I love about Swagbucks is their Referral Bonuses.

If someone you refer earns 300 qualifying Swag Bucks during the calendar month they join, both they and you get a 300sb Bonus.

So, if you get 30sb referral earnings from your referral in the same month they join, you should receive a Bonus the following month (around the 5th/6th usually)

And today they’re in! So if you referred someone in August and they earned over 300 qualifying sb, you should check that you have your Bonus now.

You can see your Referral Bonuses in your Activity tab and do not have to claim them.

They do not count towards your Daily Goal unfortunately.

(The image above is from the July Referral Bonuses)

Happy with your Bonus? Missing one you think you should have? Come and tell us in the Swagbucks UK Facebook Group!

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